Our city title system ushered in a major reform

Our city title system ushered in a major reform
-- gradually delegate decision-making power to review and promote the reform of "run at most once"

First, we will deepen the reform of "run at most once" in title evaluation

To promote the reform of professional titles "up to run a", and further standardize the title appraisal management, social security bureau of lishui city launched "a all don't run" plan of action, the development of network, according to the evaluation management system step by step to promote application of professional and technical personnel, inspection and certificate management reforms, to gradually realize the title appraisal "don't run errands. Starting from 2018, the professional title evaluation (including preliminary determination and confirmation) of our city will all implement e-cert and no paper certificate will be issued. In city bureau website title appraisal column, timely review notice, after the assessment before the assessment of the public, the results were announced, certificate online and other relevant information, make special technicians, "little errands" in the title appraisal.

Second, promote the reform of professional title evaluation in key areas

(1) the field of health. In order to further the implementation of hospital autonomy of choose and employ persons, better play to the health of incentive guidance of the professional technical position appraisal work, arouse the enthusiasm of medical staff work, and promote the scientific development of medical and health unit, last year the city central hospital, has carried on the independent appraisal reform at the provincial level people's hospital, have achieved good results. This year, we will further expand the scope of trials for the reform of independent recruitment of medical institutions. Plans and measures for the independent recruitment reform of medical institutions shall be formulated separately. The above mentioned medical institutions shall find out the position and personnel structure of their own units as soon as possible and formulate the evaluation criteria.
The field of natural science research. For the implementation of the provincial party committee "four strong province" work guidance, follow the rules of scientific research and development and talent growth, further perfecting the assessment mechanism of scientific research personnel in zhuhai, build talent evaluation and the use of independent appraisal unifies, unit and combining government macroscopic regulation of professional technical position appraisal system. On the basis of optimizing post management, this year, we will gradually delegate the power to review and evaluate the professional titles of scientific research institutions, carry out reform of the professional title system of scientific research institutes, and implement independent evaluation and recruitment. Please find out the position and personnel structure of the unit as soon as possible, and start to formulate the evaluation criteria of the unit.
(3) engineering field. In order to better implement the national and provincial requirements for the reform of professional titles in the field of engineering, the office of intermediate judges of agricultural engineering was set up in the municipal bureau of agriculture. Agricultural engineering, traffic engineering, water conservancy and Marine and fishery engineering, quality and technical supervision, special equipment, safety, and pharmaceutical engineering, radio and television engineering, forestry and other series of engineers (including enterprise and enterprise) and the qualification of senior engineer qualification recommend all by corresponding ZhongPingWei organization. Enterprises in the construction, machinery, energy and raw materials, textile, petrochemical, electronics, such as geological exploration TuGuan, environmental protection series engineer qualification is still by the municipal enterprises engineering ZhongPingWei review, various counties (city, area), please do accordingly.
(4) areas of higher learning. The evaluation and recruitment of college teachers is still carried out according to the relevant policy documents of the reform of the professional title system of college teachers in our province. Universities, 2018 annual appraisal plan (including evaluation standard, evaluation procedure, post setting, structure proportion and so on related content) on October 31 to inform consent to organize the implementation of audit, and strengthen supervision process, March 31, 2019 will undoutedly results summary and appraisal work summary submitted to our bureau for the record.
(5) primary and secondary schools. We will further deepen the reform of the system for evaluating and recruiting teachers for professional and technical posts in primary and secondary schools. At the municipal level, the primary titles of teachers in primary and secondary schools will be evaluated independently by the school, and counties (cities and districts) will be encouraged to evaluate the junior titles of teachers in qualified primary and secondary schools independently.
Agricultural technology. Establish new agricultural management main body talent evaluation mechanism, broadening the subject of agricultural production and operation technical personnel professional channel, the eligible subjects to agricultural production and operation in the body of the technical personnel and returning business of creating a guest is extended, such as college students, agriculture classification evaluation, highlight the differentiation to grasp the application conditions.

Third, we will improve the reform of combining the appraisal and employment of public institutions

Institution engaging combination is not a simple control target, the purpose is to promote position management, position, period of evaluation, performance management, and other important system in the institution internal organic fusion, benign operation, promote the combination of evaluation and use, the real form almighty, came down on the mechanism of choose and employ persons, drive unit self-management, self-discipline, and self development. Business unit title appraisal should be professional and technical personnel in the verification of professional and technical positions within the structure proportion, in strict accordance with the position information, personal declaration published materials of the public, unit assessment recommended, jury review, unit employment procedures, such as do public transparency in information, procedures and results.
Shall adopt a unified national assessment to test evaluation, in combination with the title, personal declaration for the exam is not restricted by the amount of available jobs, but after qualify must still be in position to declare inside structure scale application for approval.

Iv. Relevant requirements of the review work

(1) review plan. According to the zhejiang province human resources and social security hall on notice for the 2018 title reform work (zhejiang SheFa [2018] no. 55), I made the title appraisal plan in 2018 "(attachment 1), various counties (city, area), please human social security bureau and various series of (high) of the judges in a timely manner to local, this series title appraisal work deployment, ensure the year title appraisal work order as planned. Various series of (high) of the judges review work related documents shall be issued after approved by our review, and the relevant materials submitted to the timely inform training, in order to inform website title review column published information.
(2) review requirements. The audit work shall be in accordance with the relevant national and provincial and municipal title reform policies, as well as the rules of professional and technical work to qualify and implemented in zhejiang province (trial) "(zhejiang people [2006] no. 351)," on further reform and perfect the senior professional and technical qualification review opinions on the management of (zhejiang SheFa [2014] no. 113) and other relevant documents. The departments of human resources and social security and the departments in charge of the industry should perform their respective duties, cooperate closely and coordinate with each other. The human resources and social security department should play a good role in comprehensive management, coordinate the evaluation of professional titles in the region, and earnestly strengthen the supervision and guidance of the work. The competent departments of industry should give full play to the advantages of the competent departments of business and pay attention to the organization and implementation of specific reform measures.
Each middle (high) judge office shall study and formulate the professional title evaluation standards of this series and report to our bureau for approval before organizing implementation. We should keep innovating evaluation methods and explore the establishment of quantitative evaluation system with more diverse indicators and more rigid assessment. To trademark performance and achievements as the main weight of quantitative evaluation system, set up special talents went abnormality and promotion system, on long-term arduous remote areas and grassroots frontline staff give appropriate tilt.
(3) review procedures. The evaluation work shall be conducted in strict accordance with the relevant provisions of zhejiang province implementation rules for the evaluation of professional and technical qualifications (trial) (no. 351 of zhejiang people's college [2006]). Starting from 2018, the qualification examination of the evaluation objects shall be organized and implemented by the office of each evaluation committee, and the bureau shall organize sampling inspection in a timely manner. The jury office after complete the preparation of the annual review meeting, must fill in the letter of application for jury review meeting (attachment 3-1), the verification of the qualification evaluation object roster (attachment 3-2, unified use Excel spreadsheets, A3 paper printing, electronic documents attached) and review qualification of object table (attachment 3-3), five working days in advance to send our professional and technical personnel management audit, after the approval of the audit, before the review meeting. After the review, the committee office publication in an appropriate manner evaluation results, should be to reflect the problems during the public, should be serious investigation to verify, timely processing, and report our bureau. , there is no objection on the publish provided by office of the committee on the disclosure of audit through the list of letter (attachment 3-4), the review through the list (attachment 3-5, one copy each of the paper and electronic), and intermediate professional technical position qualifications certificate information table (certificate information, please fill in the accurate, attachment 3-6, Excel spreadsheets and personnel electronic photo) to send our professional and technical personnel management, issued by our bureau dispatch after the approval of the audit. Among them, if the senior professional title appraisal committee recommends the application, the entrusted appraisal letter shall be issued uniformly by our bureau. After the review, the original materials shall be returned to the applicant's unit or entrusted institution according to the reporting channels, and the relevant materials shall be included in my files in a timely manner.
(4) declaration materials. Please refer to annex 2 and annex 3 for the review materials. Can be downloaded from the official title evaluation column of our bureau's official website. Declaration shall be made by the declaration personnel in accordance with the requirements and procedures set forth in the regulations. I and my work unit shall be responsible for the authenticity of the application materials and shall sign and seal the certificate of authenticity of the qualification assessment materials for professional and technical positions (attachment 2-9). The departments of human resources and social security at all levels and the office of the appraisal committee shall strictly examine and approve the materials. Keep your character on the first in the evaluation of professional and technical personnel, the staff has a falsification, filing materials shall be returned, and from the review within three years from the following year shall not declare a higher professional and technical qualifications, obtain qualification shall be cancelled.

V. other relevant issues.

(I) a meeting on the need for high-level and scarce personnel. For the introduction of high - level, urgent need of talents, such as personnel, can be assessed by a case-by-case approach. The jury office standing review organization should be established and examined by committee director, deputy director of the committee members, professional group of the department in charge of a certain number of experts, industry leaders and discipline inspection departments of comrade, the introduction of high-level, urgent need of talents, to take over to the assessment in accordance with the evaluation method. The evaluation result is submitted to our bureau for approval and certification.
(2) to supervise the work of title assessment. Will be carried out in March 2019 to April 2018 title appraisal supervision work, the main supervision committee establish whether standard, whether strict review work procedures, whether in strict accordance with the evaluation criteria and standards to carry out the audit work, whether within the prescribed scope of review to carry out the audit work, if there is a violation of state and other provinces and cities about title evaluation policy, etc., further standardize the title appraisal system process.
(3) continue education. According to the measures for the management of professional and technical personnel to continue education school of zhejiang province (trial) "(zhejiang SheFa [2016] 63) regulation, the essential condition of continuing education situation as a declaration of the title, professional and technical personnel to participate in continuing education, no less than 90 hours a year, including professional subject not less than 60 class hours, industry male subjects should be and the general public should be not less than 18 hours. In this year, the requirements of public demand subjects shall still be implemented as per the number 76 of liren society [2016], and the requirements of professional subjects shall be determined by the competent department of the industry.
(4) concerning the participation of civil servants in the evaluation of professional titles and the preliminary determination of professional titles. According to the spirit of document no. 4 of zhejiang provincial commission office [2018], from this year on, no civil servant (including reference management unit) shall participate in the corresponding professional title appraisal, including the series of integrating the appraisal with the appraisal. Primary and intermediate professional titles that are subject to national and provincial unified examinations will no longer be evaluated or recognized for corresponding professional titles (including the newly appointed professional titles of college and high school graduates).

Professional title reform work policy of strong, involve wide, bears on the immediate interests of the masses of professional and technical personnel, various counties (city, area) in human social security bureau, various series (high) of the judges to take work duties, strengthen the service consciousness, strengthen to guide and coordinate the work, overall arrangement, elaborate organization, to ensure that the 2018 title appraisal work finished smoothly.