How do new managers coach employees

The "sandwich biscuit" annoyance
      Today's management reality has changed a lot.More and more field has entered the phase of fully competitive market, so almost all of the company for short-term performance of the demand is higher and higher, this leads to a lot of our new managers in the "pressure", main show is as follows: 1) because of the low degree of information control, so the lack of security management;2) management positions are given more responsibilities and more stringent requirements;3) due to increased responsibility, the work content has been increased, resulting in a lot of work lines and limited time and energy devoted to single work.
The pressure from "above", there are few tend to experience some of the new managers, their natural idea is to get the pressure conduction down, hope able to assume greater responsibility, but in their communication with subordinates, found the staff for simple imperative management have basic not amused, if the simple old way, new managers and the employee or passive resistance, or vote with their feet to resign switch to other companies.The new manager realized that under the "below" management pressure is getting bigger and bigger, he really became the "sandwich" biscuit.
      The new generation of employees has had a big change in their managers' expectations.A fortune 500 company specialized in home has carried on the survey of 80 employees after together, through this investigation, the valuable conclusion, worthy of our reference: 1) why employees to join your team?One of the most important factors was the "hope for good growth", with more than 30 percent of employees choosing this option.2) why do employees leave your team?The most important factors were two "managers who didn't intend to help me improve my ability" and "the manager didn't respect and value me". Nearly 80 percent of employees chose these two items.3) what kind of leadership style do employees prefer?Employees want to managers can together with me to find the methods to solve the problem, rather than simply brutal criticism and criticism, there are more than 70% of the employees think that leadership style is their most wanted.Through this survey, it is not difficult to find that employees expect managers to help themselves improve their abilities and grow quickly, rather than simply completing short-term performance by managers.If managers still adopts simple imperative management method, especially the experience are not quite new managers, don't do adjustment, it is likely, it cannot be as a result of team performance, team talent exodus.
      We have to find a management skill can satisfy new managers (help new managers of pushback from the superior performance requirements in the short run) and employee satisfaction (make managers can meet to the requirement of rapid growth).
Inspiration from coaching
      "Coaching" can give new managers some inspiration, helping them cope with short-term performance requirements from their superiors and allowing them to grow quickly.Coach mentoring, teach managers a set of methods, make managers can according to the different characteristics of employees, use all kinds of skills, constantly inspire employees thinking to find the solution to solve the problem, realize the achievement of short-term performance and the improvement of their own capabilities.
      Take coaching for young employees.We all face the situation: young employees tend to have little experience, but work is highly motivated.If a task is given to him, we are worried that they have no experience, that the risk of failure is great, that they may be in trouble, and that we should make up for it later, which is a headache for managers.But without giving them jobs, they have no way to improve themselves, and to discourage their work, which is also a headache for managers.In the face of this situation, a "coach" approach to coaching can be a great inspiration to managers.What do you mean "advance counseling"?Prior guidance, is in the staff to take over a new task, before they begin to do offer certain counselling, reduce the risk of employees may appear, improve the success rate of the tasks at the same time through counseling to help employees improve skills.
"Advance guidance" points
      Tutoring in advance, however, we will face some problems, such as: if we fully informed young workers how to do it, the other party is likely to generate resistance, think we mother-in-law mother like nanny, and employees themselves without thinking, their ability to not grow, just passively accept the arrangement of the task.This kind of tutoring effect can't be imagined to be high.For a really good managers is by helping make the whole task according to the reasonable method to do it, and to ensure that young workers learn, ability to grow, and employees want to do the task.So how do you achieve this?
As new managers need to do some preparation in advance: first, to ensure that the task is not a big mistake, must let the young workers in the correct thinking and direction to do it, so as to ensure the success of the whole task.Secondly, in order to let employees can think for itself, so by thinking to help employees to raise their ability, and the staff yourself by thinking of scheme, staff more acceptable, easily commitment, easy to perform.How do you get employees to think for themselves?The best way to do this is by asking, by asking questions, by asking people to think positively.The question itself is tricky. Why?If you have an open-ended question, because you don't have any experience, it's very likely that you don't know which way to think about it, and you can't think of a good way to think about it, which is obviously bad.If a closed question is asked, the employee can only answer yes or no, he has no space to think about, and obviously not a good method.So how do we ask employees?Is the best way with the method of heuristic questions, give employees a right direction of thinking, positive thinking in this direction for employees, to ensure that employees will not work on the ideas and direction is a major problem, and to arouse the enthusiasm of employees, let them in-depth thinking, so as to realize stimulate thinking, improve the ability of employees.

So how should new managers be tutored?
      First, preparation is important.In front of the coach, the new manager, you must first have a clear guidance ideas, especially how to perform a new task for the new staff have a clear train of thought, because the idea is to do a good job in the grasp of the direction of the task, but also facilitated the direction of the question, this respect is the key to counseling.
     Second, guidance for specific positive opening: managers can cut to the chase showed his attitude, and give employees task hope to get the ideal result, and the task to realize what is the meaning of success.At the same time, it is necessary to give certain positive attitude to the employee's positive attitude and work progress, so as to motivate employees.After creating a positive conversational atmosphere, you can get into the discussion of the task.
      Third, collect employees' knowledge about the tasks in a comprehensive way: in this session, the new manager needs to give full play to his skills of questioning to inform the staff of the tasks.In addition, it is very important also need to staff to know whether the difficulties and do you have any concern, because if the employee has a lot of concerns, will affect the completion of the task, so want to through a variety of ways such as encourage to reassure employees.
      Fourth, and staff together plan: in the case of understand the task and the situation of employees, you need to, by means of heuristic questions to guide employees to think about the whole project solutions.According to new managers can coach preparation, the method to solve the problem step by step guide employees themselves to think, if the employee right to think, can according to the situation in a timely manner to encourage, this can inspire employees more active investment;If the employee is wrong, please don't criticize, because if the criticism is too harsh, it is likely to throw out the little confidence that employees have just developed.It can give employees some information that employees don't know, and then guide employees to think positively by presenting new guidance questions, and try to guide employees to come up with solutions.In terms of employees' plans, the new manager gives a certain amount of supplementation at the end, so that employees feel the support of their superiors.
      Fifth, with the employee have agreed on a plan: when the solution needed to implement the task, after the formation of managers and staff to negotiate out a best solution, at the same time it is important to designate the next step is the implementation of the plan, I introduce you to a small tool, called WWWF, namely who (who) to do, what to do (what), what time to finish (when), late according to (follow).This allows the whole task to form a closed-loop management to ensure the effectiveness and performance of the mission.
      Sixth, the two sides together to summarize and end guidance: after consensus, there is a important step, is the end of the last part, this part of the easily ignored by all new managers, but often do this step and do not do this step, for the coach has a big impact.The last part, as the new manager, at least can do three things, 1) please summarize today's employees counselling content, so that to ensure that employees for today's tutorial content is clear;2) confirm employees' concerns about the next step of the project, and if they have concerns, they may need to further discuss the concerns.3) encourage and encourage employees to actively devote to the completion of the project.

Expect the success of new managers
      Today, I will give you a brief introduction to the "how new managers coach employees". I hope to inspire you.It is important, as the new manager, must attach importance to employee coaching and training, coaching and training to staff as a a daily management work to do, only in this way can slowly from "biscuit" coming out "pressure center" ability to become the team performance improvement and growth of "power center", becoming a "power center" of the "engine"!