Eight factors that affect the effectiveness of enterprise training management

      In order to strengthen the enterprise staff skills, in order to let employees to create more value for the enterprise, most enterprises adopt the enterprise training management, but a lot of training effect is not obvious, we analyze the influence enterprise training management effect under the eight factors:

1. Training implementers
      Carrying out training is the organization and implementation of the training staff, they mainly engaged in the training demand survey and analysis, choice of the training content, training methods, training location arrangement, training of specific implementation, etc.
      Therefore, the personnel quality directly affect the effect of training, training personnel, besides has the necessary professional quality also deal with business activities, the development direction, employees have a clear understanding.

2. Training location and environment
      Training site has domestic and foreign, domestic and near and far, and the enterprise inside and outside, the specific environment have greatly small, quiet and noisy, enterprise should integrated many negative factors to choose a good location and environment.When conducting external training, enterprises should beware of fake training and the form of real tourism.

3. Training contents
      Whether the training content is targeted is taken into account in response to two questions.Is it necessary for the organization - whether the training content is compatible with enterprise strategy, business or change, etc.What the employees need -- the training content can meet the needs of the job, the employees do not have, and can help employees solve the work problems.

4. Training mode
      The training mode has the production, not degenerate, half of production;There are long-term and short-term points;According to its teaching form can be divided into knowledge lectures, case discussions, scene simulation, team interaction and so on, these are depending on the choice of training methods, training object and content in accordance with the characteristics of the training object training content.