Employee training mistakes

1. Family enterprises lack sufficient understanding of training
      First, family businesses don't value training.Do not take the training performance is various, such as some family business owners think that now, more employees ideas flow too often, spend a lot of manpower and material resources, financial resources to cultivate the talents, but do not leave, for others to do the wedding clothes, do more harm than good, so there's no training.
      Some companies think that training is just human resources.There are also some enterprises that are quick and quick, who have trained several employees, and want immediate and immediate results.
      The second is training.Some enterprises pay attention to staff training while entering into a misunderstanding, which is overemphasis on training.Lack of skills, training;Sales performance declined, training;Poor service attitude, training.Whenever there is a crisis, you think about training.
Case review
      May be the hardest of all to cultivate, "ten years trees, ents" in one hundred, the improvement of employees' ability and quality needs a process, there are many uncertain factors affect his growth, by only a few times training will solve the problem of family enterprises, it is not enough.
      Why are employees so indifferent to training
      With pak Ming in the cooperation of the customer, there is a family enterprise of high-tech manufacturing, due to the size of the company continued to expand and stable improvement of economic benefits, the company top feel gradually, the comprehensive quality of employees and skills have been unable to meet the needs of the company's rapid development, and will become one of the bottleneck of the sustainable development of the company.Therefore, the decision will comprehensively improve the staff's quality and skills, as a long-term focus of the human resources department.
      According to the company development demand, revising the existing post office requirements, at the same time of training needs questionnaires were distributed to the employees, but the survey results show that there are few employees training needs, and most employees reflect relatively indifferent.So the human resources department put forward a training program and conducted a series of training activities.
      Due to the very busy departments, the company has made a hard and fast rule that all relevant staff must attend the training except for special reasons.
      After a period of training, the staff qualities and skills all have a certain degree of increase, but the classroom atmosphere dull, not actively interact with employees, trained staff can't achieve mastery through a comprehensive knowledge, to participate in training is to cope with the exam after the training.
      Understanding through human resource department, produce the main reason for the above phenomenon is: the staff on their quality and skills of "short board" understanding is not clear, don't agree with company with training content, hard and fast rules must attend a backlash to the company.As a result, some employees are not enthusiastic about learning, and are basically "coping" with the training.
Case review
      Training effect is not ideal, the company is due to the importance of employees for training and their own training needs is not clear, the employees cannot fully understand the existing gap and improvement objectives, as well as the skills and qualities of ascension can bring the positive role, is not really produce training needs from the heart.The design of training content is also different from that of employees. The staff lacks subjective initiative and the training effect is not good.
2. Underestimate the assessment and supervision of enterprise training
      Training evaluation is an important part of the training effect supervision, inspection, only a comprehensive evaluation for training, in order to improve the training quality, improve the training effect, reduce the training costs, improve the staff's participation interest.
      In real work, some family enterprises attach great importance to training, but neglect the post-evaluation and supervision of training, which makes employees feel useless.Some family business training evaluation is only the appraisal of training content and not into the employee's work behavior, attitude change, performance improvement, ability to improve, and can bring what benefit for the enterprise to go up and consideration, evaluation work still at low level.Some family enterprises lack the record of training assessment system, lack of professional management of training, and no complete training information system.
3. The training mode is too simple
      In terms of training, many family businesses use traditional patterns.Some family businesses are afraid of trouble, and often hired professional trainers to attend classes, which means "trainers speak, students listen".It can be held twice or twice, but it can take a long time for employees to get bored and not interested in learning.Because the trainers are largely the same in terms of training, training, and even before the training, there are very few practical things.
Some family companies have taken videos to show that they can reduce the cost of the company, but also have the flexibility to master the training content so that employees think "training is video recording".These methods are easy to make employees feel dull and boring about training, so that training effectiveness and training benefits are greatly reduced.
      Military training honed new staff
      One of the companies in wuhan, which works with bloomington, has had a very good effect on its new staff in the spring.The new employee's organizational nature and discipline are worse. After military training, the image of the new employee has been completely changed and has become stable.The method of military training is in fact the role rehearsal, repeatedly contacting the normalized movements and behaviors.After several years of such role-playing, soldiers have a unique style of soldierly behavior, and the standard of sitting and walking has become an automatic habit.
4. Get out of business and blindly follow the wind
      Due to the lack of careful investigation and analysis of training, some family enterprises train staff to be less targeted and practical, break away from work and blindly follow suit.Some family business leaders set up training content based on their own preferences, judgments and experiences, and see other family enterprises to conduct a lecture on "image etiquette knowledge".See other enterprises to train "executive force" or "learning organization", and quickly invite relevant experts to provide guidance.It is not very helpful for the family enterprise to make employees repeat the study or study passively, which is time-consuming and wastes the enterprise resources.
5. Attach importance to knowledge skills training and neglect human training
      Some family business only emphasis on staff skills training, such as organization and coordination ability, management theory, the spirit of cooperation and operation technology, etc., and neglect the employees thought, character, moral training and interpersonal skills.The result of this training is that although the staff's skills have been improved, professional ethics and quality have not improved significantly.
      Character is far more important than performance
      There is a clothing factory, through the family member and the outside employee's joint efforts, has formed a well-known brand of clothing enterprises.The company is growing so fast because it is far more important than performance.
Whether it's a production employee or a marketing person, the company believes that the first character, the business second.Improvement of human products is the best guarantee for business promotion;The business of low character running back in the future will also be riddled with problems.A good professional ethics is more than anything, which is why the company has put corporate training in the first place in the enterprise development strategy.
      Mr. Zhao, who was born in the 1980s, is a classic example.Mr. Zhao was a fresh graduate in 2008. He joined the company for three months.But after a week of in-house training, Mr Zhao's mind turned a u-turn."I understand now why employees are so different.The reality of internal training is too timely and too important.Without the proper guidance of internal training, I am sure I will jump ship soon.In the company, the most important part of the company's internal training is that we should have good professional ethics. We should have a good conscience and can't only look at the money with two eyes.That there is a lot of inspiration to me, let me understand to keep a good character is to be the premise and foundation of everything and the company if there is no training, understand the most obvious reason is bound to take our lot of energy into our life!!!!!!!"