Employee behavior standard management system

Employees must observe the following attendance and resignation system:
      (1) to go to work on time, to leave work, not to be late or to leave early;
      (2) you must make your own CARDS, and you must not entrust others to punch CARDS or replace others.
      (3) those who fail to punch CARDS for special reasons, such as going out, missing or wrong, must be signed by the manager or supervisor of the department.
      (4) if something is wrong, you must ask for leave from the manager or supervisor of the department, without undue absenteeism;
      (5) for must fill in the leave form in advance, and attach relevant certificates (sick leave should have a doctor), in case of necessity, should telephone, telegram or entrust others to leave early, compensate leave as early as possible after work procedures;
      (6) if you are late or leave early for 30 minutes or more, you should go through the application for leave, otherwise you will be absent from work.
      (7) failing to perform the leave of absence, the renewal of leave, and the absence of a replacement, all shall be regarded as absenteeism;
      (8) employees who resign should submit the notice of resignation to the department manager or supervisor a month in advance, and the resignation should be given a week in advance.
      (9) the employee's resignation shall be approved by the department manager or the director, and the resignation letter issued by the administrative department of personnel shall be handled by the administrative department of personnel after the resignation is approved.
Employees must abide by the following codes of practice and work ethic:
      (1) entering or staying in the factory must wear the factory certificate and wear work clothes according to the regulations;
      (2) work hard and work diligently, obey the legitimate and reasonable transfer and work arrangement of the company;
      (3) strictly abide by the rules and regulations of the company, safety operation procedures and job responsibility system;
      (4) during the work, be loyal to the work, do not work negatively, do not do the private work, don't work in the gang, do not eat snacks, do not play games, do not talk loudly, laugh, make noise, do the job well;
      (5) healthy and healthy habits are formed in normal times, and no spitting, no littering, no littering, keeping the company's environmental hygiene clean;
      (6) taking care of the public property, carefully using the company's machinery and equipment, tools and materials, and not stealing, embezzling or intentionally damaging the company's property;
      (7) to promote and increase revenue and expenditure, and to conserve water, electricity and gas, and strictly prohibit the use of public goods and public goods;
      (8) to do well within the company's internal relationships, to unite and love, and not to quarrel, to fight, or to make a rumor;
      (9) caring about the company, maintaining the image of the company, and daring to fight against the image and interests of the company.
      (10) start work immediately after work, and no special business after work;
      (11) in principle, no visitor and personal telephone shall be allowed to go to work, unless otherwise permitted by the department manager or director;
      (12) abide by the company's confidentiality system and shall not disclose the business secrets of the company.