Experience of construction drawing
1.general requirements
      The design document of the construction drawing should be complete, the content and the depth should meet the requirements, the text and the drawings should be accurate and clear, the whole document should be strictly controlled, and avoid "mistakes, omission, collision and lack".
      Construction drawing design should be according to the contract that has passed the preliminary design documents and design of the formulation of relevant content, content is given priority to with drawings, should include: cover, drawing list, design specification, drawings, materials and drawings etc.
      Construction drawing design documents are usually arranged in a professional format.The design documents of each major shall be carefully examined and signed by the school, before drawing and filing.
      The design depth of construction drawing shall meet the following requirements:
      1. Able to compile the budget for construction drawings;
      2. The processing of materials, equipment ordering and non-standard materials can be arranged;
      3. Construction and installation can be carried out;
      4. It can be used for project acceptance;
      In the design, the design of national, industrial and local building standards should be actively promoted and correctly selected in the design of the country, industry and local area, and in the design of the design document, the name and page of the atlas should be specified.
      In this paper, the content, depth and other requirements of the design specification and drawing should be considered for the general purpose of landscape engineering.In the design of a garden project, the design documents should be prepared according to the requirements of the design contract.When the project is not included in this article, it is appropriate to refer to the requirement of depth and add it to the design document.
2.Layout of drawing catalogue
      The following contents shall be included in the drawing catalogue: project name, design time, drawing number, drawing name, drawing number, drawing and remark, etc.
      The drawing number is professional, each professional arranges each professional chart number;For large and medium-sized projects, the following majors should be used for drawing Numbers: gardening, planting, building small products, garden structure, water supply and drainage, electrical, materials and other materials, etc.;For small projects, the following majors can be used for drawing Numbers: gardens, architectural sketches and structures, water supply and drainage, electrical and so on.
3.The content that should be included in the design specification
      1.Design basis and design requirements: the standard drawing and other design basis shall be indicated.
      2. Design scope.
      3. High level and unit: should explain the unit used in the drawing file, the coordinate is the relative coordinate or absolute coordinates;If the relative coordinates are used, the basis of the application shall be indicated.
      4 materials selection and requirements: material requirements and Suggestions for all materials;Generally speaking, the materials include: decorative materials, wood, steel, waterproof hydrophobic materials, planting soil and paving materials.
      5.Construction requirements: emphasis should be paid to the construction of the work and the construction of the requirements for the climate.
      6 land indicators: the total floor area, green space area, road area, floor area, green rate and the estimated total cost of the project shall be included.
4. landscape architecture
      1) general garden plan
      The general plan of the garden should include the following contents: general plan, floor plan, vertical design drawing, line location map, paving plan, index chart, etc.For simple and small projects, do not make the partition plan, and merge the vertical 
design drawing with the layout plan to merge the paving plan with the index graph.
      1 general plan
      The general plan should include the following:
      (1) the number of buildings, buildings, structures, entrance and enclosure;The building and structure are used in the general plan to use the contour line, the solid line is adopted;
      (2) location of parking garage (field), green, small goods, road and square location;When there is an underground garage, the underground garage location is used in the thick dotted line.The flower stand and the scenery pavilion in the small article should use the top plan to indicate in the general plan;
      (3) the red line of the building is indicated by using the thick dashed line;
      (4) the name of square, small goods and structures;
      (5) compass needle, drawing proportion;
      2 partition plan
      For complex landscaping projects, the whole project should be divided into three to four areas, and the partition area should be indicated by the thick dotted line. The partition name should be in capital letters or Roman letters.
      3.Vertical design drawing
      The following contents shall be included in the vertical design drawing:
      (1) interior elevation of buildings and structures;
      (2) road in the site (including main road and garden path), the elevation of the road, the elevation of the control point of the square, the elevation of the green space, the elevation of the small ground, the water surface and the elevation of the water;
      (3) elevation of road turning point, intersection point, starting point and end point;Elevation of gutters and rainwater grates;
      (4) elevation of microtopography in green space;
      (5) use the slope arrow to indicate the direction of drainage in the ground and green space;
      (6) compass needle, drawing proportion;
       In the vertical design drawing, the absolute elevation or relative elevation can be used;The elevation of the planning and design unit should be separated from the height of the garden design. The elevation of the garden design should be based on the elevation of the planning design, and the elevation of the planning design should be closed.Different symbols can be used to represent such elevation as green space, road, tooth, water, water surface and square.
      4 location map
      The radiating grid and the positioning coordinate should be in relative coordinates, which are different from the absolute coordinates, and the relative coordinates are written in upper capital letters A and B.The starting point of the relative coordinates should be the intersection of the building or the intersection of the road.
      Dimensioning units can be meters or millimeters, and the positioning should be based on the relative coordinate and absolute size.
      The line positioning diagram should include the following contents:
      (1) when the width of the roadway is greater than or equal to 4 meters, the road is used to locate the road;Road positioning should include: starting point, end point, intersection point, turning point, turning radius and width of road (including road side teeth).For the garden path, the relative distance between the road and the building can be located, and the width of the road width has been included.
      (2) coordinates of square control points and square dimensions;
      (3) control dimensions of small goods control points and small products;
      (4) control point coordinates and control dimensions of waterscape;
      (5) for the free curvilinear orchard road and the square, which cannot be accurately located with the dimensioning size, the local line of the part should be made in detail, which is indicated by the line network, but must have the coordinates of the control point;
      (6) the ratio of pointing and drawing;
      (7) the relation between relative coordinates and absolute coordinates should be indicated in the drawing description;
5.Shop floor plan
      The paving plan shall include the following contents:
      (1) material and color of paving road;
      (2) the material and color of the paving square;
      (3) material and color of the teeth;
      (4) the spreading of the paving;
      (5) for the paving part that no longer has the detailed drawing of the pavement, the layout, material specification, paving method shall be marked, and the materials shall be numbered.