Performance and application of XPS/extruded polystyrene insulation board

      XPS extruded polystyrene insulation board type/polystyrene as the raw material and other accessories and fire retardant, inject catalyst by heating mixture at the same time, and then hard foamed plastic sheet extrusion, chemical name is extruded polystyrene board (XPS).
      XPS board has perfect obturator honeycomb structure, this structure makes XPS plate in water absorption, coefficient of thermal conductivity and vapor permeability, etc, are lower than other types of tabular heat preservation material, so it is perfect, unique insulating the stays low permeability coefficient and high pressure, light weight, breathable, corrosion resistance, degradation, etc.Especially suitable for building thermal insulation and moisture-proof engineering, it is the most excellent and inexpensive thermal insulation material in the construction industry.
      XPS board in Europe and the United States is a very common thermal insulation materials, particularly applicable to the upside-down roofing heat preservation and heat insulation technology of heat preservation and heat insulation roofing system, cold storage, inside and outside wall of heat preservation and heat insulation, home decoration, etc.The product regardless of the heat insulation effect, ease of construction, total cost and service life are more advantages than conventional perlite and EPS, for new environmental protection and energy saving material, is the material of choice for architectural decoration industry.
1. product performance
      XPS insulation board is made of polystyrene as the main raw material.Products with continuous uniform obturator type honeycomb structure, each pore interconnection between the thickness of the wall are consistent, the molecular structure of the special products has excellent thermal insulation properties, excellent compression performance, low water absorption and sound insulation good stability, long durability, good dimensional stability and resistance to creep properties.The product performance is stable, while the quality light, easy to transport, free cutting, is an ideal building energy saving material.
      The thermal insulation performance of excellent thermal insulation performance shows that the thermal insulation effect of 20mm thick XPS plate is comparable to that of 120mm thick cement perlite or 50mm thick EPS foamed polystyrene or 650mm thick solid clay brick wall.
      The excellent anti-pressure performance XPS insulation board has 150 kpa levels of compressive strength, which can meet various load requirements.Such as airport runway, square ground, roof parking lot, roof tennis court, roof garden and platform, cold storage ground of long-term load, highway and railway subgrade, etc.
      The ultra-long durability is at 70% relative humidity, and the XPS insulation board is superior to other thermal insulation materials.Its thermal insulation performance is very small with time, even if it is 50 years old, it can still maintain the initial 80 %.
      The water absorption rate is about 10 times smaller than that of EPS board, and the vapor permeability is 2-4 times smaller than that of EPS.It can also prevent the moisture penetration, avoid the material inside because of condensation and water, because of the thaw and burst.
      Good acoustic noise reduction performance XPS insulation board unique noise reduction performance, in hotels, entertainment room partition application, can reduce outside interference.Especially in home decoration, engineering decoration
      The foolproof absorbent property is used to prevent water infiltration under the road and roadbed.Especially in the north, it can reduce frost infiltration and frost affected soil freezing and so on, control the ground freezing, effectively obstruct the gas and moisture damage, etc
      At the same time, the XPS insulation board has the advantages of light quality, stable performance and environmental protection.
2. System application
      Building wall insulation, moisture-proof building a large amount of heat is dissipated through the wall, XPS insulation board not only can apply to all kinds of wall of heat preservation and heat insulation structure, but also can enhance the durability of wall body, to provide a smooth surface for wall decoration, XPS insulation board at the same time as the basic material of cement quality coating, and can be isolated from moisture, reduce the moisture.
      The cold storage of cold storage buildings on the ground, wall, and top of the cold storage tank is of high temperature difference, and the pressure of water vapor penetration is serious, so the insulation materials applied to cold storage buildings face an extremely serious test.XPS extruded polystyrene insulation board excellent resistance to water vapor permeability and compression performance, to make it in the application of the cold storage construction advantageous, and can be applied to all kinds of parts, including cold storage ground, both inside and outside wall, roof or ceiling, etc.
      The good thermal insulation performance of the ground XPS insulation board can improve the environment of the underground space of the square.Its inverted waterproof system can effectively prevent leakage of underground structure.Compared with the usual insulation materials, the XPS insulation can obtain relatively strong compression resistance with thinner and lighter materials.
      Aviation, transport infrastructure In cold and relatively humid areas, due to the moisture of the ground freezing, leads to the airport runway, highway, railway foundation deformation and displacement of underground pipeline, even damaged foundation.XPS insulation board is placed on the road foundation, not only can effectively solve the ground freezing, lower overall cost and prolong the service life of facilities, but also can enhance the impact resistance, shock absorption capacity of facilities, and can reduce the noise.
      Building roof insulation 1, upside-down roofing Different from the traditional thermal insulation layer under the waterproof layer, in inversion type roof structure, is the XPS board on the waterproof layer, waterproof layer is protected from the impact of temperature difference, ultraviolet (uv) and external force damage, thus effectively protect the waterproof layer, while improve the heat preservation effect, can prolong the service life of the waterproof layer.2. The steel structure roof is used in the steel structure roof or in the wall, which not only makes the roof of steel structure durable, but also avoids the cold bridge.It is effective to ensure that the interior of the building is not exposed, not dripping, and can enhance the structure's fastness and noise reduction.