What is the acceptance standard of reinforced concrete pouring honeycomb surface

      In fact as long as the area is not too big, with a hammer to knock a few times, no hole, no much of a problem, is not good-looking appearance, a wipe with cement mortar. Serious must chisel, casting quality has a problem part again. We are doing just that. This shop before pouring, a layer of 50 mm - 100 mm is the same as the ratio of concrete mortar, fully vibration when pouring, should have no problem. Here is the specification requirements, can have a look at, but don't copy, or construction unit will scold dead you.
      Construction measures for reinforced concrete honeycomb and reinforced concrete reinforcement
(1) cause analysis
      1. The ideological awareness of the on-duty personnel and the working class group is weak, and the construction difficulty of the 2-meter high lifting mode is not well understood, so the concrete pouring has not attracted enough attention.
      2. The wall is hanging mode, the concrete is falling from the surface of the board, and in the case of the dense steel, it is only confined to one of the lower material, a drop rod, causing the vibration of the bottom of the wall to vibrates the rod, showing the appearance of the rib and the surface.
      3, Taiwan before and after the connection is not tight, less liquid, fabric difficult in concrete cases, operators quality consciousness is poorer, higher casting is difficult, the wall without tapping whether entity tracking in place, vibration rods in place.
(2) to deal with the strengthening of reinforcement
      1. Reinforcing:
      1.1 remove loose concrete and wash clean and dry with water.
      1.2 coating of cement and clean cement mixing layer, the mix ratio is cement: UEA expansion agent = 1:0.10.
      1.3 block template, both sides exceed the hole scope 150, as shown below:
      1.4 preparation compensation shrinkage C50 fine stone concrete.
      The mixture ratio is cement: sand: gravel: UEA admixture
      1:1. 24:1.94:0.14
      The collapse degree is controlled within 12CM, and the artificial site is used to mix and mix evenly. The concrete and the easy ability meet the construction requirements.
      1.5 after the concrete pouring, it is poured out again with the compensation plain water slurry. After a little dry, it can be poured to compensate the shrinkage of C50 fine stone concrete. The concrete side is vibrating with the side irrigation.
      1.6 after concrete casting, determine its final set, namely USES the sack covering sprinkler maintenance day and night, two days later before dismantling templates and continue to cover sprinkler maintenance, maintenance of not less than 14 days in a row, track inspection at any time, keep the surface wet.
      1.7 after the concrete curing 7 days before the artificial chipping of the excess, the chisel should be careful, a small piece of chisel until the surface and the original concrete wall straight.
      2. Face processing
      After the loose concrete is removed, wash the surface with clean water and smooth it with 1:2 cement mortar.
      Lack of time, not perfect place still hope added modified construction, supervision unit, put forward the treatment scheme of more stable, the project department do according to the examination and approval plan carefully, strengthen the inspection of each process of each link, ensure that reinforcing trimming to meet the requirements of the structure is safe and reliable.