Inspirational story 4
When han han went to the office to go through the process of dropping out of school, the teachers asked him, "you are not studying, what are you going to live on in the future?"The teachers all laughed.
Jack ma went to KFC for a job and he lost.Jack ma talked to big bosses about e-commerce, and big bosses concluded that it was a fraud. 
When tse was 15 years old, his parents divorced, and he went to Japan to study music alone. He had only a guitar, and sometimes he stayed late in the class and slept on the street with his guitar.
When only 1 meter 83 iverson into the professional basketball court for the first time, the people told him that your ultimate goal is 10 points and five assists a game, because you are too short, will never be a master Here.
Beijing, zhang guoli and deng jie in the basement of the basement, two people feel that the north drift can have a companion, is really a great happiness.
One day, park's mother asked him very hard, do you want to go to the hotel to serve a plate?Park realized that he had been eating white for a long time at home.
Mr Yu test for three consecutive years university, to do farm work don't work to make money, the villagers who have met with a joke, and the key, in the third time he efforts, still don't know if I can take an examination of.
That year, guo degang was hungry, and he changed two steamed buns with a BB machine.
Yu hua's novels have been published all over the country, followed by letters of rejection from all over the country.But he didn't give up, and he continued to vote, followed by a series of rejections.
How can you sing if you are so ugly and have no talent?
Lin has been swept out of the NBA by several clubs.
Avril lavigne left home at the age of 15 with a guitar and went on the road with music.
When cui yongyuan first hosted the program, he moderated for a while, and a voice came from behind, who was the grandson? 
After wu gave a job opportunity, jay didn't have to go to the restaurant to brush the dishes, so he wrote some songs, but none of the singers sang the things he wrote.
"Your singing is so dramatic and so popular that you can't categorize it," she said during the interview.
Liu chuanzhi took 200,000 companies, and he was cheated of 140,000. He couldn't sleep the whole night. 
The Singapore man, adu, is not much better at the construction site.
Zong qing, 42, found that there was a huge market for child nutrition, but relatives didn't support him, saying it was a dream.You can understand the mood of a man in his 40s who finally meets the opportunity.Soon after, he named his nutrient solution wahaha.
One day, the wash to a rolls Royce, there was a delight to touch the steering wheel, it will take the younger brother fan after the guest found his slap, tell him that you are in my life can't afford the car.Later, the younger brother bought six rolls Royce.His name is zhou runfa.
Li Ann didn't work for six years after graduation, and he relied on his wife for money.He once wanted to give up the movie, called the DianNaoBan DaDaGong subsidies home, want to learn some technology directly tell him after his wife know, so many people understand the computer in the world that is not bad you ang lee a, you should go to only you can do.Later, he made movies that only he could make in the world.
If Howard schultz gave up after 242 attempts at the bank, there would be no starbucks now.
If Walt Disney had given up the idea of his theme park design back to 302 times, there would be no Disney brand now.
If JK rowling had given up the manuscript for years, it would not have been the harry potter novels and movies.
If you have a dream, you have to defend it.