Quick relief for employee lazy trilogy
      Everyone is lazy, and the boss is no more diligent than the employee.But the boss has more power or pressure, driven by their bosses to overcome their inertia, the boss after overcome their inertia, naturally the staff and inert, almost there boss hope their employees hard-working and positive, unfortunately, got a boss is not much, most of the time, always heard that absorbs the boss are too lazy under whine about said.
      The lazy nature of the staff must be resolved, and countless facts tell us that it is impossible to rely on the so-called self-consciousness.Such as assessment, performance or incentive effect is limited, of course, Rome is not build in a day, fundamentally, have to solved from the structure and the management of the company as a whole, however, it takes a longer time, cost is also high, many bosses are can't wait.
      The simple and quick method is also some, here, the author introduces a kind of simple three steps to the dealer friend, can alleviate the employee lazy solution quickly to some extent.
      The first step, from the head to the written
      What call from the head to the written, it is the employees in the head, are written in the book of written, such as customer information, operation process and experience, the market rules, historical accident, strategy skills, etc.In the front row after, began to do this step, divided into several categories, the relevant blank, for full participation, can write more fine, more rigid demands of employees in the head out these things to me, these data and experience all belong to the company, you should all take out, to carry on the summary, to sort out a more effective working process, analysis of customer and product value contribution, the old employees, is equal to equip the guy himself completely give up, then the boss wants to fire yourself, is not a component of things, can carry out, if can't resist or perfunctory, that is to create conflict with my boss directly, completely to the boss a showdown, however, considering the labor relations has shifted, newcomer in gradually take over, even if their proposed not stem, the boss not to retain the real, what also can't get compensation, again say, if your proposed not to be, and where is the new job?In this case, the older employees tend to take the initiative to apply to the boss for a single communication opportunity, at least to the boss SuSuGu, describe their contribution in the company over the years, there is no credit for hard work, and his burden is heavy, there are eighty years old.Boss, of course, first get to staff to explain, why want to do this work, the reason is that good, the company want to regularized development, scientific management to streamline, hope everyone to adjust their own state, keep up with the pace of the company development.
      This method before and after the execution time about a month and a half to two months, simple procedures, high safety coefficient, and the investment cost is limited, has strong controllability, each dealer may consider a try.
      The second step is to show up
      Old lazy another reason is that employees feel is valuable in the company, their work does not yet have alternative, in other words, if they pulled carrying pole with its load, is that no one can pick up in a short time, it also constitutes the employees idle capital, solve the train of thought is simple, is to take a certain action, let old employees understand, even their liao carrying pole with its load and impact on the company's business is, also does not frighten the boss.
      Specific approach is to make the new appearance, appear in one of two ways, one is new hires orientation, at the same time, the existing business groups, choose a few people have yet to be seriously polluted, form a new team, of course, this must be the difference between the reflected and the old team, for example, in product, market segmentation, separate business meetings are open, if there are conditions, even to their office separately.This new team, will produce directly to older workers sexual oppression feeling, are said labor relations is only a prelude to the shift, when the new team form but the reality of pressure, and the new team products division and market segmentation, has begun to show of self-worth replaced, because the business meeting is in alone, they are discussing what the boss what to give them the instruction, you don't have the way to master all clear, the in the mind not more nervous.If temporarily to find suitable new employees, then use the second method, from the perspective of reserves, some new contact, temporary not formally for them to come in, but they begin to contact the company, into the company to visit, for example, to view the current node, to attend the business meeting, access to company information, etc., to prepare groundwork for into the company, in older employees point of view, this directly into the company to new no difference in nature, in this case, the old employees are prone to have a talk with the boss's idea, purpose is to want to know the boss opinion of himself, and the next step.If the boss meets the old employee to actively apply for to talk to oneself, all reply: "happen, in a few days I also want to seek you".
      Third, transfer labor relations
      After the introduction of the new labor law, the employee must sign labor contract, still have to buy social security for employees, regardless of whether the boss loathe to give up the money, all of this have to do, otherwise, the staff once the labor inspection department, can you drink a pot of enough.That, for the boss to spend some money is small, the most troublesome quit trouble, obviously not the right person, dismissal or give it to somebody else to fill the supplement that money, but also can't literally fired, this is really a great lose.In some bosses, the labor law has created a more lazy mindset.
      Person exists lazy mood, is with security as a prerequisite, solve the lazy mood, first of all, have to break the staff of security, who once lost a sense of security, is bound to be nervous, of course, it has a scale, one can not break the law, the second cannot make over the top, it has a simple and legal way, is the employee's labor relations transfer out, after the introduction of the new labor law, all appeared a lot of hr outsourcing company, similar to the previous foreign labor service company, by this kind of company and the employee to sign labor contract, buy social security, has dispatched staff to various companies to go to work again, from the point of view of industrial relations, is the personnel outsourcing company employees, of course, this is just one relationship, should go to the work or go to the work, for the boss, eliminating the sign the contract with employees, labor JuBan run errands, such as social security (which is also a lot of costs), if want to resign, inform hr company can directly, even if what labor disputes, is also a body to solve by the hr company, of course, the boss will have to do, will have to pay to the hr company some service fee (the average is around one hundred per person).In the boss all the staff's labor relations to personnel, although the employees of the personal rights and interests safeguard and no incomes, but, due to the change of the subordinate relations, and be ready to dismiss the possibility of increased (the key is to be laid off, didn't also the way to find the boss to theory), the security is broken immediately, also no longer dare to scattered lazy, same as before the spiritual nature is nervous, and will immediately begin to pay close attention to the boss is going to do next, will not affect the oneself, even himself would have fired by the boss.From the safety of consideration, recently this honesty still has to be honest a little bit, should be positive still have to be positive a bit.
      From a cost point of view, the boss will need to increase to personnel of the company's service charge, but minus the JuBan sent people running their Labour procedure and the cost of dealing with labor disputes, increase the cost of the overall is still limited.
May 25, 2017