Interview technique 29 ways to make your interview successful
An interview usually takes less than an hour, but the impact can take years.Want to find the right person?Be prepared beforehand.
      1. Before accepting an interview, you should have a correct understanding of the job opening.
      2. Look for fresh blood instead of another "we" version.
      3. Imagine an ideal candidate for the job vacancy.
      4. When the new position is vacant, summarize the work in the work team.
      5. Treat the vacancy as an opportunity to re-evaluate the job.
      6. Determine whether the qualifications required for work have changed.
      7. Provide flexible working hours to encourage employees to participate.
      8. When describing the nature of your work, don't take it lightly.
      9. Horizontal comparison of salaries of similar positions in other companies.
      10. Make the job title as pleasant as possible to attract all types of talent.
      11. It's hard to find a 100 percent fit person, and the results will only be wasted and wasted.
      12. Don't miss this opportunity when you know you have an ideal candidate elsewhere.
      13. The advertisement strives for accuracy.
      14. Please enclose the photo so that you can put them in your seat.
      15. Consider hiring friends and relatives recommended by your colleagues.
      16. Record the progress and progress of each recruitment for future reference.
      17. Set basic requirements as criteria to screen applicants.
      18. The special person is responsible for answering the telephone.
      19. To speed up the process, standard letters should be prepared in advance so as to inform the applicant as soon as possible.
      20. Find out where you are interested in your resume so you can learn more about it in future interviews.
      21. The content of a resume cannot be fully believed, and some of its authors are "processed" in more or less.
      22. Find out if there's any inconsistencies in your resume.
      23. Does your resume style and statement make a good first impression on you?
      24. The application form is, to some extent, a stage for fair presentation of applicants.
      25. For those on the edge, ask your colleagues for advice.
      26. Candidates who fail to respond should be as polite as possible and preferably encouraged.
      27. Before the interview, engage in informal contact with the candidate to make your decision.
      28. Decide whether to set up a written test for the candidate.
      29. The interview is not always scheduled at work.
April 20, 2017