These good habits will help you succeed in your job search
1. enthusiasm
      Whether a person succeeds or not depends on his attitude!The distinction between successful and unsuccessful people is that successful people always have the most cordial and positive thinking, the most optimistic spirit and the most brilliant experience to control and control their own life.Losers, by contrast, are guided by the failures and misgivings of life.Our attitude determines our success in life:
      (1) how we treat life, life is how we treat us.
      (2) how we treat others and how we treat others.
      (3) our attitude at the beginning of a task determines how successful we are.
      Our environment - the emotional spirit of the mind - is created entirely by our own attitudes.
2. to set clear goals and target management
      (1) set clear goals: no map can go anywhere, and the goal is to build successful masonry.Goals make us motivated, you set goals for yourself, you have two sides: one is the basis of your efforts, and the other is your motivation.Goals give you a shot at the target, and as you work to achieve those goals, you have a sense of accomplishment.Ninety-eight percent of people don't have a clear picture of their world.If the plan is not specific, you can't measure whether or not it will decrease your motivation.
      (2) target management: break down the overall goal into easy targets.Compare your goals to a pyramid. The top of the tower is your life goal. Your goals and everything you do to achieve your goals must point to your life goals.
3. hard work
      The whole world gives way to the man who has done everything in his power to move towards his goal
4. good at time management and financial management
5. pay attention to health
      A healthy body is the capital of a career.Successful people almost always pay attention to the balance between physical health and career.
6. strong self-discipline
      The strength of self-control can have a great impact on the success of life
      (1) when you are angry, can you be silent?
      (2) are you used to think twice?
      (3) are you usually peaceful?
      Are you used to letting your emotions control your sanity?
7. Modest studious
      (1) do you constantly learn more knowledge as your responsibility?
      (2) do you have a habit of saying "opinions" on issues you are not familiar with?
      (3) when you need knowledge, do you know how to find it?The more successful people are, the more they will seize every opportunity to learn.
8. good interpersonal relationship, success means the participation of others
9. a firm belief: to give you perpetual motivation
10. immediate action: with the value of the target plan, success has been shown to you
Human resources department
On July 15, 2017