On the cultivation of talents in enterprises
      1. the significance of enterprise management personnel training managers are the backbone enterprises, plays a decisive role to the enterprise development, our country customs said: "the oratory, accessible, one will be hard to get".The cultivation of talents in enterprise management has become an increasingly important role in the development of enterprises in recent years. The shortage of talents in the 21st century will be the phenomenon faced by every enterprise.In the development of the enterprise, if the traditional talent competition is mostly "case processing", then the talent competition in the future may be "batch".But when the time is right, there will be a "winner-take-all" era.Our enterprises will not be able to adapt to the demands of economic liberalization, knowledge and globalization if they are not adequately supported by high grade talents.To train and bring up a large number of qualified cross-century youth talents, and to accelerate the development of enterprise management talent resources, form is beneficial to the development of management talents working mechanism, effectively promote the rapid development of the enterprise.
      2. the talents training goal of enterprise management goal is the source power of action, we need to pay special attention to the management of talent selection after the training, should first clear management talents training target, current development characteristics and development rule of XXX for leading cadres at all levels should have high political quality, high intelligence level, the characteristics of the knowledge structure of the composite.High political quality, this is the first condition of selecting cadres, our party, having both ability and political integrity, always in the first place, a priority for the enterprise management personnel, is to work, to adhere to the socialist direction of education to guide the worker, for the development of the enterprise construction and the hard work and learning;To deal with a lot of political thought, the problem of academic research, only have higher political quality, quick, critical eye, to Ming distinguishes between right and wrong, take a stand, to recognize the direction, to the enterprise management personnel, its political quality requirement, want to have a firm political belief, conscientiously adhere to the party's basic theory and basic route, broaden horizons, seeking truth from facts, the party spirit, from the big picture, has the overall leadership and fine style of work.Knowledge structure is complex, it is a new model of talents knowledge structure is put forward, and is also a trend of enterprise management personnel training specification, management talents, is by the management science, technology, science, humanities and so on many kinds of knowledge and ability of talents;On the knowledge structure, it should be the unity of the broad management science, the basic knowledge of the humanities and the exquisite professional knowledge.In ability, it should be the unity of theoretical research ability and practical ability.On the character, should be the unity of innovation spirit and pragmatic attitude, management talents is more suitable for enterprise characteristics, require a leader must be a professional has a deep attainments, to other professional judges, be adept to management.For the enterprise management talents, it should be suitable for the individual, according to the mode of the compound management talent, make it become the expert, scholar.
      3. ways for the cultivation of the enterprise management personnel training, especially the cultivation of management talents, not be accomplished overnight, ten years trees, ents in one hundred, for the selection of management personnel, after clear training objectives, to make training plan, strengthening training, through various channels, promote the rapid growth of the management personnel.
      (1) Cultivation of political quality and professional ethics
      Firstly, the enterprise should organize training courses for leading cadres according to the development needs of different periods, such as the training class for reserve cadres carried out by the party committee of XXX, and the knowledge and study class of the youth cadre party.Training content to adhere to the theory with practice guidelines and "fine" and "work" principle, by heuristic, research type, discussion-based, answering question type teaching method, make the leading cadres to "grasp the theory, to strengthen the party spirit, increase knowledge, exercise ability".In order to broaden the training surface, enterprises should keep abreast of the development pace and characteristics of The Times, and organize training courses for leading cadres and reserve cadres.This kind of short training can't be expected to "make the best of it," it should combine the development of the situation and the job change of management personnel, and hold it regularly.
      Second, the enterprise management personnel good professional ethics education.Enterprise management talents should have the scientific attitude of seeking truth from facts, rigorous and practical work style can be trusted by the majority of staff members, establish the image of leadership.Often use the opposite case to honest diligent education of cadres, at this stage manager is in a peaceful age and a need to constant innovation and change of environment growing up, in general, of the modern enterprise management personnel with strong, clear mind open-minded, have the courage to forge ahead, etc;But there are also obvious deficiencies in the party's cultivation.In the face of fame and fortune, power, money, pornography and human feelings, some people lack strong resistance and must strengthen education.In addition to strengthen the education of legal system, the most effective way of education is to pay attention to dissect typical cases, often give them to alarm, so that they always keep a clear mind, be self-respect, sober, reliably, self-excited, truly factory, keep democratic appraisal of cadres at various levels, undertake to the worker visits on a regular basis, conduct worker Open Day, to supervise the cadres at all levels effectively.
      (2) Cultivation of leadership skills.The study of reading is an important aspect of cultivating managerial talents.Management personnel, must learn leadership science theory systematically, to master modern management knowledge and technology, hold the cadre training class, based on the needs of different levels of management personnel and the knowledge structure, system study of several leading science, management science courses, improve the management ability and level of management personnel.Practice is more important is to develop leadership skills, with the present stage of leading cadres, leaders at all levels to give early YaDanZi to promote its early success, the reserve cadres through daily practice in leadership affairs and "climb stairs" exercise makes the ability of leading cadres growth, but also pay attention to create environment, consciously make management personnel by exercise, for example, implement a regular communication and job rotation to the cadre, make its stand the test of the environmental transformation, promote management talent broaden horizons, temper, enrich their knowledge, has the strength in a crisis, stability of the psychological quality and control the global coordinates, ability to work, even in some emergencies and intricate conflicts, can also commands.
      (3) Cultivation of business quality.One is the enterprise of leading cadres adhere to the principle of "ShuangJianTiao", make its work in the management at the same time, and exert its expertise, actively participate in technical and scientific research work, and management and be familiar with the business management talents.Second, pay attention to because of aptitude, top-notch talent in management personnel in the business, and make good business upon the detailed training plan, to ensure its at the same time, engaged in the work of leadership is not influence the development of the business.When necessary, in a planned way to equipping it with better academic echelon, technical team, ensure good environment of the talented person to be engaged in work conditions, to avoid because of the inappropriate use of talent, and a waste of talent.
      4. enterprise management personnel selection is the place where talents, including management personnel, to do the management personnel in the generality of early discovery, early seedling, and to develop, must be in the selection of cadres, the creation loose environment, introducing competition mechanism, widen the channel of the talented people.Create a relaxed environment.
      Should first of all, with the idea to have a big change, there is no denying that bound by traditional ideas, the enterprises in the selection of cadres, the idea of seniority is also occupies a certain position, to completely break through the confine, must be a breakthrough in idea:
      The first is to dispel the idea of "seeking full blame" and "seniority", and setting up the concept of "not being in style with one's own style".
      The second is to dispel the idea that "the leadership experience comes from practice, maturity is the exercise".
      The third is to dispel the idea of "leading the life of the people", and establish the concept of "the inferior and the inferior".Second, insist on the system that the cadre can go up, paving the way for managerial talents.We should conscientiously reform the cadre and personnel system, combine the actual situation, and formulate the system of retired cadres.The establishment of regular assessment of cadres, the implementation of the ability to be able to, the term of the term of a timely adjustment or change of the system of communication;Set to take the initiative to get from the current leadership cadres, to give encouragement, retain the original treatment system, to perfect the institutional system, guarantee the youth management personnel have come.
      In recent years, we gradually by XXX vigorously promoted young cadres, with the right policy guidance, attracted a large number of young people have a leadership position, from the workshop to the factory department leadership, broke the traditional cadre personnel system, adopted, out whoever needs to work more reward mechanism, encourage the broad worker diligently study, dedicated, good at creating, make whole XXX the leap-forward development of present a thriving youth.
      Introduce the competition mechanism.Competition is the essence of market economy has strong vitality and vigor of internal factors, competition to compare and appraise, in order to show the relative merits of, to make outstanding management talent, to introduce competition mechanism in the cadre selection and appointment.In recent years, XXX has openly recruited a number of middle-level cadres and the leadership of the department, which embodies the principle of meritocracy and fair competition.This kind of new mechanism, already moved away the cadre of iron, and can solve the problem of seniority, the leading cadres to form a pool, fresh water can into the can, excellent into worse, and keeping the vitality forever, let young people see the hope and the development of the enterprise clear goal in their own development, solid based on position and achieve success.Broaden your access to people.With a wide view, the best management talents can be fully appreciated.Now, alone "talent search" to search talents has far cannot satisfy the requirement, we should from the leading bodies and the narrow circle jump out to a department, the leadership, organization department, hr department view and the view of the masses and docking, open selection target and basic conditions, launch party organizations at all levels and grassroots units recommend, people presented, such as multiple channels, with a wide Angle lens to select a wide range of talents, and at the same time welcome the person with ability talented and form a comprehensive, multi-level, multi-form presented the atmosphere of talent.
      At the same time, the organization department and the human resources department should establish the personnel management information system and establish the archives of talent pool in the staff and reserve cadres.From the worker, the cultivation of middle managers and department for the record, XXX institutions has gradually close to the modern enterprise development, the company reserve cadres of the party committee of open classes, enlarges to the cultivation of the reserve cadres;Every year by the human resources department, and the union jointly organize employees to undertake technical competition, through training, competitions, evaluation way to emerge a batch of the national young station expert, and the national technical experts."Seedling in directing" project, conducted every year hundreds of outstanding young cadres at all levels, science and technology personnel training through the system, strict inspection development as the communist party member, for the development of the enterprise provides the reliable talent team, if necessary, may at any time to appropriate personnel mount guard.
      As the enterprise continuously deepening the reform and development, need a large number of management talents with compound ability, above all, it's not hard to see, enterprises management personnel selection, training is a complicated system engineering, to complete the great project, the human resources department must stand at a new height, broaden the new way of thinking, adopt new measures, to pay special attention to the every link earnestly, solid work to cultivate a large number of outstanding management personnel, to provide the leap-forward development of the enterprise human resources guarantee.