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      Standard chartered, which is in the ascendant, is increasingly focusing on its development strategy in China, where human resources are the most important.
      For all banking institutions, there is no doubt that talent is its most important asset, and this is no exception at standard chartered.At this time-honored multinational bank, management is composed of people from more than 70 different countries and regions, and one of the most internationally featured companies in the world.During the financial crisis, many companies have cut training costs, standard chartered, but on the contrary, in their view, the financial crisis environment to attract and cultivate more highlight the importance of financial talent.
      This international talent team not only to the standard chartered to provide a steady stream of innovation and motivation, are distributed all over the world more than 50 countries more than 500 branches (offices) are not dependent on the size of the Banks themselves grand, to performance outstanding performance to enhance bank reputation and strategy.Such corporate culture and values are indeed respectable.
      In China, standard chartered has spared no effort to develop a series of training and recruitment programs to attract more talented people.For the first time in 2009, stanchart has made the International Manager of International management trainee programme an important annual International Manager project
      P r o g r a m was selected for a week-long training exchange in Shanghai.They will even the training into the university campus, provide opportunities to outstanding college students who are interested in the banking industry development, cooperation with fudan university launched the "bankers cultivation project", in a professional and practical knowledge of theory combining with a lot of practice opportunities.
      On January 2, 1, standard chartered bank global board of directors held in Beijing, China, standard chartered bank, human resources and public affairs director Tracy Clarke also came to China, chief talent officer magazine to take this opportunity to interview her.
      Develop each person's strengths
      The chief talent officer: since last year you worked as a standard chartered global human resources director concurrently hold the position of director of transmission at the same time, they seem to be two different jobs, how did you do today?
      Tracy Clarke: I have been working in standard chartered for 25 years. I have been in a different position before, I have been a customer director and district H R director, and then I have transferred to the division director.Last year, standard chartered adjusted its structure, and the CEO thought that I was the most suitable candidate for human resources. He wanted me to play a bigger role in this position.
      A good team is the foundation and the most important, and happens to have a good team of human resources and public affairs.In fact, there are many similarities between the two positions, including employee value, internal communication, and corporate culture.In fact, it's normal to be a director of human resources and public affairs at a company in the UK.And two of my favorite position is the human resources and public affairs, let me also so group, another important goal is also hope that the two departments in the future I can have more closer cooperation.
      Chief talent officer: what impression have you made in China?
      Tracy Clarke: I have been traveling in shenzhen and Hong Kong. Shanghai has been a lot in recent years. Beijing is the first time.Indeed, China is developing very fast, which is a sigh of agreement among many international people, especially the capital Beijing.
      Chief talent officer: what are your impressions of the Chinese staff at standard chartered?
      Tracy Clarke: yesterday I have been to standard chartered in Beijing office, Beijing has about 1000 people, feel their enthusiasm, it is surprising to me, especially in Beijing is the center of the north area, I think their quality is very high.Unfortunately, there are no Chinese people in the standard chartered China region.I hope that in the near future, standard chartered China will be responsible for the local people, and the China will also be able to export more international management talents, which is one of the things I would like to see and focus on.
      Chief talent officer: in recent years, standard chartered's business has grown at a rapid pace. How is the hr strategy deployed?
      Tracy Clarke: in standard chartered, human resources are always the most important work.As you know, standard chartered's business is growing so fast in recent years, especially in some emerging markets, but it also brings the challenge, for the banking sector, the faster the growth of the demand for human resources is the higher, the initial growth may depend on the product advantage, but this model will soon be copied by others, finally must want to rely on the service quality, which depends on talent advantage to highlight.
      The human resources advantage of standard chartered is its international culture, no matter what nationality employees must have international vision, such practices will also be inculcated in our recruitment and training.In addition, standard chartered has a different idea, agree with each staff has their talents and strengths, so that standard chartered's overall culture is the development of each one's strengths, rather than with their own advantages to develop his employees.Many companies focus on what they have done in the past, but our hr strategy is to find the strengths and develop a personal development plan for them.Compared with other enterprises, the effect will be better and better employee satisfaction.
      "Chief talent officer" : it seems to the outside world, foreign companies like an office in China, the company's strategy, the system is transplanted from headquarters, so for talent strategy and development direction is also according to the headquarters of the strategic direction to develop, China the authorization of the company itself is not too much.What do you think about that?
      Tracy Clarke: I don't know what other companies do, but not in standard chartered.The human strategy in greater China is very important to standard chartered, and the fastest growth in the greater China region is also valued by investors in London.In addition, both from as far away as London investors and me personally, it is impossible for greater China management involved in too many, because we do not know this way the idea of employees, so the greater China hr strategy relies mainly on the local team, they are taking responsibility is very big also.
      For standard chartered, the group's role is more co-ordination and communication.I once every three months and the local team for communication, the object is not only the hr team, also includes the CEO and the senior management team, this can be through the development of the management team to understand the local business situation.However, it is only communication and understanding that the group tends to give only some Suggestions or opinions for the development strategies formulated in various regions, and it does not interfere much.On the other hand, for at least the next five years, greater China will be at the heart of standard chartered.
      Chief talent officer: in addition, what do you think of the "strategic partner of HR to be an enterprise or CEO"?
      Tracy Clarke: human resources itself is a very meticulous work, such as the need to H R to fill out a variety of forms, make some compensation system, etc., but if H R was inundated with these trivial things, all day, it's very difficult to get out to focus on strategic level.In standard chartered, we want to make sure that H R in terms of energy, such as China have hr background center in tianjin, this is a platform for information control, usually employees it is by some form of documents of the processing, saving manpower, which H R will be more to pay attention to strategy.
      Chief talent officer: in your opinion, H R can get away from these trifles?
      Tracy Clarke: my advice is to make sure that you have a more balanced strategy when you're making sure that you're doing a good job.
      Chief talent officer: what is the focus of human resources at the moment?
      Tracy Clarke: the development and development of future leaders is an important part of standard chartered's human resources.
      A good leader should be a "total talent"
      Chief talent officer: in your opinion, what kind of leadership should a good leader have?
      Tracy Clarke: as a matter of fact for "good leader," every enterprise has a different definition, I at standard chartered in recent years of work experience, for example, think there are 3 points is more important: one is to have strategic ability, and to understand the transactional work on the level of execution.For example, a good leader needs to be able to drive and maintain, and while maintenance is not a driver's responsibility, employees will respect you more if you master this skill.But now more leaders focus on strategy and empty talk.Second, master the skills of communication with subordinates.Good leaders tend to be attractive to employees, and employees will actively ask you questions, such as career planning and problems encountered in their work. Such leaders are more attractive.
      Third, it is important for the financial industry to adapt to change faster.The financial sector often faces uncertainties, and good leaders tend to make the right decisions in uncertain times.
      Chief talent officer: in your understanding of China, do you think that China's soil can produce such a leader?
      Tracy Clarke: there is no doubt that China's economy is growing rapidly and the environment is changing rapidly. It is very suitable in such an environment