The basic strategy of enterprise personnel training
      Talents are the driving force for enterprises to achieve sustainable development. It is the basic guarantee for enterprises to build a long green foundation and an important component of core competitiveness of enterprises.Mainly cultivation and the formation of the talent, the so-called talent training Is to show the enterprise according to each person's individual character characteristic of leadership organization, the basic quality, creating the condition actively and take effective measures, guidance, education and training, in order to make its growth, development and maturity, as soon as possible to meet the demand of enterprise actual work.
      In the enterprise, talent cultivation often has the following problems: talent training lags behind enterprise business development;The pertinence of talent cultivation is not strong;The form of talent cultivation is single, the cultivation of content is detached from the cultivation object;The lack of talent training evaluation system;It is difficult to cultivate excellent talents with the backward idea of talent cultivation.Unclear how to conduct personnel training;Not carrying out talent echelon construction;Failing to establish a talent training mechanism;The employment policy and employing standard are not clear, unclear or standard is not unified, and so on.Such situation will severely restrict the formation and growth of enterprise talents, which will directly affect the overall development level and economic efficiency of enterprises.
      So, what is the basic strategy of cultivating talents for the cultivation of talents who meet the practical needs of enterprises?
      1. establish the correct concept of enterprise personnel training.Enterprises should fully recognize that talent is the enterprise human capital, is the first resource of the necessary resources, enterprise only establish a correct concept of talents cultivation, to implement talent training thought foundation for the enterprise.
      2. create a good corporate culture, provide a good talent training platform, and create a strong atmosphere of talent cultivation.Because enterprise culture to a great extent, on behalf of the enterprise spirit, culture, management characteristics, provide a platform and atmosphere to constantly influence, this will be the talent training has far-reaching significance.
      3. To clarify the standards and objectives of enterprise personnel training, make plans, and ensure the standardization, pertinence, timeliness and effectiveness of enterprise personnel training.Because it is clear that the standard of corporate personnel training makes it possible to make the work twice as much as possible.According to the types of talents needed, the establishment of talent training goals (the development of training targets in accordance with the smart principle) can make the work targeted;Also make plans according to the target to ensure the timeliness and effectiveness of the work.
      4. Main methods of enterprise personnel training.1. Training with moderate authorization (five basic levels of authorization management: command, approval, gatekeeping, tracking, delegating);2. Training through task training;3. Training through process guidance;4. Training through job rotation (principles of reasonable flow, step-by-step implementation, hierarchical implementation, reasonable time and voluntary principle);5. Training through implementation theory and on-site training;6. Learning and training by going to the college or enterprise;7. Carry out training through career development planning;8. Through the construction of study-oriented organization (e.g. system training, learning experience and experience exchange meeting, work workshop, construction of the school platform, etc.).
      5. In the process of personnel training, enterprises need to constantly motivate employees and actively implement incentives.Because in addition to the external training and exercise gives staff training, the more important is to develop staff potential, which requires positive incentives, such as: talent training as a enterprise management personnel performance appraisal kpis, evaluation into the category of performance management;The implementation effect of talent training, as a management reference standard for enterprise selection and training management echelon;The managers who perform well in the training of talents will be rewarded with great spirit and material according to the situation.
      6. Improve the system and management mechanism of enterprise personnel training, and form a system of talent training for enterprises.Through the development of talent training and in-depth, enterprises need to establish and improve the personnel training system and management mechanism, forms the enterprise's comprehensive system of personnel training, for example: the formation evaluation and assessment system (basic quality assessment, special assessment, management, personnel assessment, personnel training target gap analysis, etc.), talent echelon construction system (inventory, key talents resource pool construction, career development path, etc.), planning, formulation system (leadership development program, the core of human resources development planning, based on organizational strategy of talents development planning, etc.), the value system (through solution value to realize the transfer of ideas, methods and tools;Through the thought value to provide the management thought based on medium - and long-term talent training;By means of method value, the talent training method and scientific talent evaluation technique based on enterprise development strategy are provided.Provide operational, targeted and forward-looking talent training development management tools through instrumental value;Guiding enterprises to focus on the core competitiveness of human capital through the evaluation value of basic quality;By establishing the value of the qualification management system to speed up the training of talents;To clarify the company's employment standards and talent development goals through research value;Establish the staff growth direction through the talent standard value;By guiding the employees' value control enterprises to promote self-promotion, etc., etc.
      By defining basic strategy for enterprise of talent training, according to their own situation and characteristics of talent cultivation, rationality of the implementation of talent training, this will be for the long-term development of the enterprise to lay a solid foundation and strong driving force.