Lishui city housing and urban-rural development bureau's notification of the launch of the lishui construction information platform
      Liandu district construction sub-bureau, development zone construction sub-bureau, municipal construction management office, city cost department, all relevant units:
      In order to further promote the construction of lishui city information platform project construction work, in view of system debugging work is almost over, studies, January 26, 2015 in the city at the corresponding level, lotus area and development zone within the scope of commissioning, specific content requirements are as follows:
1. Scope of test run:
      The industrial and commercial enterprises are the construction enterprises, survey and design enterprises, supervision enterprises, bidding agency enterprises and cost consulting enterprises in the area of municipal and local level, liandu district and development zone.
2. Job requirements:
      The above enterprises need to log on the website of the platform ( as soon as possible, and register the accounts and login the system, and report the relevant information according to their circumstances.(the project information is not included in the trial operation).
      City at the corresponding level, lotus area and the construction of development zone by the competent department of first instance shall be timely reported to the enterprise information, through the timely report (city at the corresponding level of construction enterprises by the municipal construction management office is responsible for the preliminary examination).
      If the relevant enterprises and competent authorities have any problems or other constructive opinions on the platform system during operation, they may respond to the municipal bureau of construction in writing.The relevant rooms will be modified and improved with the software design company.
      Room contact: li xiao contact tel: 2106708 E-mail:
3. Purchase of system secret keys
      In order to ensure the security of enterprise information, login password and secret key login are used to login the system.The secret key of the purchase and the related problems by the municipal geographic information center, enterprise registered in the login, need to buy the secret key and through the verification, review and submitted to the competent department of information may be accepted.
      Contact number: 2127062
      The commissioning time ended on March 9, 2015, the relevant departments will be according to the circumstance of the commissioning of the system to do the final adjustment and improvement, strive for in the second quarter of 2015 before officially put into use throughout the city.