NEELUM - JHELUM hydropower project in Pakistan
On April 26, 2015, 9 in the morning, as the last row cannon, built by zhejiang, cheng tunnel engineering co., LTD......
      On April 26, 2015, 9 in the morning, as the last row cannon, built by zhejiang, cheng tunnel engineering co., LTD, is Pakistan's attention from all walks of life N - J hydropower project tail water tunnel linking smoothly!
      At this moment of excitement, the whole site rejoicing and the firecrackers were roaring!
      Tail water tunnel began in June 2010, the main construction content is through the plant to the lower gate well exports nearly 4 kilometers of underground tunnels, the A7 traffic tunnel more than 360 meters, the tail water tunnel more than 3551 meters), the hole area 82 m squared, A6, A7 two tail water construction excavation at the same time.During the construction period, the A7 traffic branch hole was repeatedly damaged by landslides, mudslides, damaged construction water and wind pipelines.A6 tailwater construction section ch. 0 + 220 ~ 0 + 236 was flooded with water collapse, resulting in the use of concrete full section lining for more than 10 months.Hole inside special complex geology, mostly gravel zone, mudstone, sandstone, groundwater levels, excavation support difficulty is too high for many times used in the construction process of steel arch rib, steel, and other forms of reinforcement, especially ch. 0 ~ + 800.0 ch. 0 + 950.0 wear lala river river section of the tunnel, is apart from the bottom of the river recently when only 88 meters, water, rock is given priority to with mudstones, broken belt, large water each cycle after blasting for curtain grouting in advance.
      In owners, engineers, since my company comes into play, gezhouba Pakistan N - J projects department and other units, and the social from all walks of life support, the project department all construction personnel to work overtime, day and night, overcome difficulties, to ensure the construction of factories, main transformer room, tail water tunnel construction quality and construction progress, all parties get the praise, and in 2014 by gezhouba Pakistan N - J projects rated as "excellent cooperative unit" title.At the same time, our company technical personnel in the project department manager and director of the full, under the guidance of general field, in conjunction with the construction of the parties, in a timely manner to the construction and excavation problems arising from the handling opinions and solutions, to ensure the orderly conduct of the construction of the main structure and tunnel through smoothly.
      Tunnel breakthrough today, only means to achieve the goals of a stage, and inverted arch bottom plate in the future excavation construction, workshop and main transformer chamber concrete structure construction, such as safety of flood control task is still very heavy.The project company will overcome the bad traffic conditions, the construction site far from the city far from the motherland and so on difficulties, tenacious struggle, dedication, strive to complete the next stage of the target task ahead of time!