The group honors the qianjiang evening news
Recently, zhejiang the sincere group construction of Pakistan's groom he hydropower station tail water tunnel linking......
      Recently, zhejiang the sincere group construction of Pakistan's groom he hydropower station tail water tunnel linking, attracted the attention of the qianjiang evening news reporter yun-shan zhang, he is very timely captured the important country that is in the "area" all the way with domestic enterprises, especially the dynamic related enterprises in zhejiang province, so as to rapidly in lishui, zhejiang province, zhejiang cheng group conducted in-depth interviews, and will be led by group chairman li Yang's zhejiang cheng construction team in Pakistan's life and work in June 2, 5, qianjiang evening news reported the continuous!
      The project is located in the state of Kashmir, Pakistan, for the long tunnel diversion hydropower station.Zhejiang licheng group built the underground plant and the tail water tunnel.The tail water tunnel project includes the tail water connection hole of 114.1 m.Tail water pressure hole of 455.1 m;Long 3600m, the tail water tunnel of 82m squared area;The length of 370m, the section area 35m squared tail water tunnel hole and other projects.
      On June 2, qianjiang evening news wealth zheshang version to "I help to build" three gorges "iron" (website: = 1) as the headline, the whole space reported that zhejiang the sincere group as partners of gezhouba dam, the construction of honest people under the leadership of the chairman li Yang's groom he hydropower station of the presence of a hard life -- from seven years ago, by the end of April this year contract to build the tail water tunnel, which overcomes the complex geology, the language, different customs, technical problems, lack of raw materials, natural conditions and so on many kinds of difficulties, seven years, engineering key progress finally.The report, in the CCTV news channel reported, groom and then published after the news, he hydropower station to make the sincere man is hard especially sweet, feel the strategic layout to Pakistan, it is very accord with a country's current policies and future development, the sincere people will have more confidence and determination to business away from the motherland.
      After the report was published, qianjiang evening news quickly returned to chairman li Yang.Review, published in the June 5, the wealth of zheshang edition (, though only quoted a sentence of chairman li Yang, but feel the qianjiang evening news for the struggle in the "area" economy of zhejiang province and the deep affection of the enterprise, struggle of zhejiang, zhejiang enterprises abroad, whether it is a construction project or engage in other industries, its progress and success, is not only the honor of individuals or units, is also in zhejiang province and even the whole Chinese people take pride and proud!