Nantang Bridge Bridge Support Special Construction Scheme Expert Demonstration
Source: | Author:Chen chengbin | Publish time: 2018-06-28 | 14 Views | Share:
On the morning of June 28, 2018, our company organized an expert demonstration meeting on the bridge bracket scheme of the Nantang Bridge project.
Construction unit, supervision unit, design unit, survey unit, and participation in the demonstration meeting. The technical person in charge of the company, the project manager of the project department, the project technical leader, the responsible person in charge of safety, the full-time safety production management personnel and other relevant personnel participated in the demonstration meeting.

The meeting invited industry bridge experts to conduct a detailed and comprehensive review of the special program in light of the actual situation of the project. In the next step, our company will optimize the plan according to the experts and the opinions of all parties, and strive to have the construction conditions of bridge support as soon as possible.