Jinyun County, State Road 330 south Tang Qiao and cable, Zhaohui Road South extension project in flood season special safety inspection
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In order to conscientiously implement the spirit of the provincial, city and county safety work conferences, further strengthen the management of the safety production work of the Nantang Bridge project, timely eliminate safety hazards and ensure safety during the flood season. Recently, our company launched a special safety project for the Nantang Bridge project. an examination. The inspectors conducted a detailed inspection of the Nantang Bridge. The safety measures for the temporary access roads found during the inspection were insufficient. Due to the temporary obstruction of the river channel and the damaged river embankment in the construction of the bridge under the riverbed, and the safety warning signs on the construction site were insufficient, the construction was required. The unit immediately rectified and eliminated potential safety hazards in a timely manner. It also emphasizes that it has entered the main flood season of the river. In principle, the construction of the lower structure of the bridge in the main riverbed should be stopped. If some constructions are urgently needed, effective measures should be taken to ensure the safety.
The picture shows the construction of the river.
The picture shows the bridge construction.
The picture shows the construction site.