What are the types of common building structures?
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      At present, China's industrial civil architecture mainly has the following types of structure:
      (1) masonry structure: bricks or load-bearing blocks
      The construction of a reinforced concrete slab with a reinforced concrete slab.Used to build low-rise or multi-storey residential buildings.
      (2) frame structure: the main frame bearing structure composed of beams and columns is constructed of cast-in-place concrete, and the wall is filled with wall.It is used to build mid - and high-rise buildings.
      (3) frame a shear wall structure: it is composed of the shear wall and the frame to bear the vertical and horizontal structure, also called the frame seismic wall structure.Is the difference between a frame shear wall structure and frame structure in order to increase the stiffness of the structure and integrity, not part of the frame structure of force of the filler wall to withstand wind and seismic horizontal load of reinforced concrete wall.How to build
      Build mid - and high-rise buildings.
      (4) shear wall structure: the structure of the vertical and horizontal forces composed of the shear wall, also known as the seismic wall structure.
      The wall of shear wall structure and horizontal load of wall and floor are all cast-in-place reinforced concrete.It is used to build mid - and high-rise buildings.
      (5) steel structure: the beam, column and floor are all steel, and the wall is composed of light material insulation material in thin metal plate.Therefore, the quality is light, can build super tall building.
      (6) light steel structure: the beams, columns and roof structures of buildings are composed of highly simplified steel components, which are fast in construction, and are suitable for low-rise and multi-storey industrial buildings and civil buildings.