Story 4: are you a store of value
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      At the end of the year, the donkey has not been evaluated for "work mode".The donkey grievances ground to the secretary fox appeal: "why I am the most diligent, the most laborious, but annual appraisal not advanced?"
      "Yes," said the fox, laughing. "no one can help you, but we have already used the machine to grind it."
      The Times are moving forward, the company is developing, and if it is fixed, sooner or later, it will be eliminated.
      A value of goods actually not difficult, as long as you focus on the development direction of the market, concerned about the needs of the enterprises, learn a new skill, so you don't but a value, also is a value-added product!
      Diligence is a necessary condition for a person to succeed, but it is not the root cause of their success.People who work hard are cynical because their efforts are not recognized.He didn't know that people didn't recognize him, but he didn't know what he was doing.You may want to put your best foot forward, and the perfect results will show up in front of you.But everyone around you, waiting for "no progress".
      In this case, if your score is 0, who will give you the chance?