Inspirational story 1
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      Once upon a time, there were two hungry people who had received the gift of an elder: a rod and a basket of live fish.One man ordered a basket of fish, the other asked for a fishing rod, and they parted ways.Have the fish, in situ with prodding pitched campfire cooking up a fish, he wolfed down, not out of fresh fish meat, in a twinkling, even the fish with soup was he eat the cleaners, soon, he would starve to death in the empty the fish basket.Another person is carrying rod to starvation, hard step by step towards the sea, but when he had seen near the blue sea, he was the last little strength also make finished, he also can only with endless regret on earth.
      There were two hungry people who also received a fishing rod and a basket of fish from the elder.But they did not each rush thing, but agreed jointly to find the sea, they only cook a fish, they go through distant journey, came to the seaside, from then on, two people started the day of fishing, several years later, they built the house, have their own family, children, had built his own boat, live a happy life.
      A person who is only interested in the immediate interests will be given a momentary pleasure;A person's goal is high, but also face the reality of life.Only by combining ideals with reality can we become a successful person.Sometimes a simple truth is enough to give a meaningful life lesson.