Notice of the municipal primary contractor for the construction of the state-owned investment project in lishui city in 2015
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      According to the measures for the construction project bidding and tendering management of lishui city (li ZhengFa [2014] no. 76, "about printing of lishui city state-owned investment system of housing construction and municipal engineering construction project primary contractor measures notice (li recruit management office [2014] 20) concerned regulation, public solicitation 2015 state-owned investment housing construction and municipal infrastructure project primary contractor.
Eligibility criteria
(1) the city enterprises have the qualification of general contracting of the three levels and above in the construction administration department.
(2) the declared enterprise shall have an office space within the scope of the administrative region of lishui city, and shall handle business registration and tax registration.Have corresponding professional and technical personnel (body or the project director, technical director, quality management, safety management, head of the head), office (not less than 80 ㎡ non-residential housing), branch office facilities and perfect management system.Outside the enterprise should submit the annual plans into li to undertake the business of project director list (may be supplemented within this year), and submit the relevant registration certificate and the endowment insurance certificate, not in the list of project director, in the year shall not be in business and attend tender and bid activities.
(3) in one of the following circumstances, one of the following circumstances shall not be included in the list of contractors listed in the listing of the state-owned investment project construction project of lishui city in 2015:
      1. to be included in the construction of the record of bad behavior in the construction market by the administrative departments of construction of other districts and above in the province, and in the period of public notice;
      2. The unpaid wages of migrant workers are criticized;
      3. Being listed by the industrial and commercial department as a credit bad enterprise;
      4. If there are other illegal ACTS, the circumstances are serious.
      In accordance with the above conditions, I submitted the information to apply for the construction project of the state investment project of lishui city in 2015 and the municipal construction B primary contractor.