To forward the notice of the construction work of zhejiang provincial housing and urban-rural development office on the promotion of the construction market supervision and integrity information platform of zhejiang province
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Municipal commission of construction (construction bureau), ningbo municipal administration bureau, shaoxing municipal authority, yiwu construction bureau:
      Urban-rural development according to the housing "about promote the development of construction industry and the reform of the several opinions (built city [2014] no. 92)," about print and distribute "the national construction market supervision and credit information system based database data standards (try out) > and < the national construction market regulation and credit information system based on database management approach (trial) > notice (built city [2014] no. 108) and" zhejiang engineering quality management action plan for two years (built c&d [2014] no. 2014) and other documents required, in order to achieve the national construction market "data a library, a net supervision, management, a line" work objectives, ensure that our province in the first half of 2015 to build "zhejiang province building market regulation and credit information platform" (hereinafter referred to as the "platform"), is now accelerating province platform construction work put forward the following requirements, please implement seriously.
1. work objectives and basic principles
      (1) work objectives
      Built by the end of June 2015, the basic construction market enterprises in our province, staff, projects and integrity based database (i.e., "three library network"), to achieve the province database information sharing, preliminary realization foundation database information and housing the urban-rural development database sharing of the Internet.
      By the end of December 2015, we will gradually improve the information automatic collection system, and realize standardization of construction market data, comprehensive information collection and normalization of business management.Make full use of information technology, the underlying database data statistics, analysis, implementation enterprise qualification electronic online declaration, the construction license issued online operation, dynamic regulation for our province construction market to provide auxiliary means of support, to provide effective regulation construction market objective comprehensive and accurate market information in time.At the same time, we should construct an honest system, establish a strong credit incentive and credit punishment mechanism, and develop the market of comprehensive credit evaluation to promote the self-discipline of the industry.
      (2) basic principles
      Platform construction adhere to the "unified planning and construction, classification, resource integration, benefit for all parties, long-term development" principle, namely by the provincial construction department of unified planning, construction administrative departments at all levels and various construction enterprise collaborative construction, clear construction of provincial, city and county administrative departments of work responsibility, integration has been built around the construction ministry, provincial construction department and a database resource, constancy, and gradually developed, make the construction administrative departments at all levels, the construction enterprises in the construction of informatization common benefit, and jointly promote the healthy development of construction industry.Based on the national unified data standard and the actual management requirements of our province, we should make full use of the existing information resources of provincial, municipal and county levels to effectively integrate resources.At the same time, considering the future informationization development, the design thought and the resource planning have certain foresight, ensuring the system meets the long-term development needs of the construction market supervision.We will set up and improve the mechanism of coordination and linkage, and jointly promote the construction of the platform by the provincial, municipal and county level construction administrative departments.
2. Clear responsibilities and accelerate the construction of the supervision and integrity information platform of the provincial building market
      Provincial construction department job responsibilities: to promote construction market regulation and the establishment of the credit system, formulate overall framework and implementation plan of the whole province based database, building construction process management as the core of the collaborative management platform construction and market integration business;Through strengthening resource integration and strengthen organization and coordination and integration of subject based information data in our province, to build our province regulation and market regulation and credit information publishing platform, to the society public authority information;To connect with the central database of the ministry of housing and urban-rural development;The basic database is used to supervise the construction market in the whole province, establish and improve the market access and clearance mechanism of the provincial building market, and construct the unified construction market integrity system in the whole province.
      City, construction administrative departments at the county level of job responsibilities: accelerate the construction of regulation and local construction market credit system, establish and perfect the construction market and business linkage in field engineering supervision system, on-site supervision as the core, the process of engineering project site supervision;For data collection, review and submit, maintenance and other related information management system, in accordance with the unified deployment and requirements of the provincial housing and construction, the effective integration of management and technical resources, collection, audit (identify) and submit the data information within their respective administrative areas, and the timeliness, authenticity, accuracy and completeness of the relevant data of the responsible for;The basic database is used to supervise the construction market in this region and build the integrity system of the regional construction market.
3. Data collection mode, requirements and data application
      The platform mainly adopts the model of "integrating existing data resources into the database" and "adding and perfecting information of enterprises".
      (I) information collection requirements for enterprises and personnel
      By the end of December 2014, I had already introduced existing enterprises and personnel information into the platform according to data standards.Since January 2015, the enterprise has been trained to download the enterprise information through the enterprise version system, and the missing information is supplemented according to the requirements.March 1, 2015, solstice, April 15, 2015, the construction administrative departments of the various levels are graded in batches to confirm the data submitted by the enterprises.Confirm the real data to form the basic database of our province;The confirmation result is false, and the integrity record shall be published on the platform;If there is no confirmation, the retained depository will be verified.
      (2) requirements for information collection of engineering projects
      The project information is collected in two stages.The first stage of the project is to record the project information: on March 1, 2015, on April 14, 2015, the company recorded the information of the project project record management module for nearly three years.On April 15, 2015, the administrative department of construction and county construction of the city and county submitted the relevant data.
      Second stage work for construction project integration platform: solstice on April 15, 2015 on June 14, provincial construction department to construction permits as the core, the associated construction engineering survey and design and construction contract for the record, construction drawing review, construction permits, and completed the record four link, and the construction as the core part of project management, accelerate the province construction license management standardization, standardization, electronic process, directly embedded in the platform construction license approval print module (work on the new declaration construction permits to comprehensive input information as required to print the construction license).
      By the end of June 2015, the project information of the project project of the ministry of housing and urban-rural development was Shared and Shared.
      (iii) data application
      1. According to "who input, who is responsible" principle, implementation operation has trace, whole process monitoring.
      2. All relevant data must be entered into the platform.The enterprise must pass the platform data review to apply for qualification upgrade, continuance, re-approval and change, etc.;The enterprise of newly declared qualification class certificate must be a warehousing enterprise, and the qualification upgrade must be entered into the relevant information to be accepted.
      3. The approval of the construction license must be reviewed by the platform data, and the enterprise and personnel must enter the warehouse, and the relevant information of the project shall be completed before the approval is made.
      4. The project of "qianjiang cup", which applies for the provincial standard chemical industry and provincial quality project, must be a warehousing project, and the relevant information of the project must be completed in a truthful and comprehensive manner.
      5. The bidding and tendering supervising agencies of various places shall submit the information of enterprises, projects and personnel according to the platform.
      6. Enterprises that fail to report, report or provide false information shall be warned in accordance with the law and shall be ordered to rectification within a prescribed time limit and shall be listed on the platform as a record of adverse behaviors.
      7. Since July 1, 2015, the province enterprises declaration for survey and design, construction, project supervision enterprises, bidding agent, engineering quality inspection institutions and construction cost consulting agency qualification, involved in the enterprise, registration and other related personnel, project information platform release information shall prevail.Enterprises, registered personnel and other relevant personnel and other relevant personnel who have not entered the platform shall not be determined.
4. Organizational leadership and work requirements
      (1) strengthening leadership.I have established a leading group for the establishment of the platform for the construction of the platform, responsible for the implementation and coordination of the platform construction of the whole province. (please refer to the attached list for details).The administrative departments of municipal and county-level construction should also establish corresponding leadership organizations, led by the leaders of the departments concerned, and the main principals of relevant departments shall participate in the organization and leadership of the platform construction.
      (2) guarantee the implementation.Construction administrative departments at all levels must fully recognize the importance of platform construction work, the difficulty and complexity, the main leadership to ask in person, in charge of the leadership to be directly responsible for, in such aspects as personnel, funds, policy support.Relevant departments to do a good job, the specific implementation of the construction of the platform to strengthen the scene with the linkage of the market, speed up the integration of information resources, the platform construction and daily supervision and law enforcement work together, to promote each other, make sure to obtain actual effect.
      (3) strengthening assessment.I will strengthen supervision of the construction work of the platform and incorporate the platform construction work into one of the important contents of the annual work target responsibility system of the municipal construction administrative departments in 2015.The regions and units that achieve the planned schedule and the construction work shall be commended by the regions and units that have achieved effective work, and criticized the areas and units where the work is weak and the progress is slow.The administrative departments of municipal construction shall also establish the corresponding appraisal system, and evaluate the platform construction, data collection and information reporting of county construction administrative departments.
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