Article 9 rules for the emergency management of enterprise safety production
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1. must implement the responsibility system of the first responsible person responsible for the safety production emergency management, and establish the responsibility system for the safety production emergency management.
2. It is necessary to set up a safe production emergency management institution in accordance with the law, provide emergency management personnel with full-time or part-time work safety, and establish a system of emergency management.
3. It is necessary to establish a professional emergency rescue team or to sign a rescue agreement with a nearby professional rescue team, with the necessary emergency equipment and materials, and the dangerous operation must be supervised by a special person.
4. On the basis of risk assessment, the emergency plan should be prepared with the local government and relevant departments, and the key posts shall make emergency management CARDS and organize at least one emergency drill every year.
5. must carry out the job emergency knowledge education and self-help rescue, safety escape skills training, and regularly organize the assessment.
6. It is necessary to inform the employees of the operation post, site risk factors and risk management points, and the high-risk areas and major dangerous sources must establish clear signs and ensure the smooth passage of escape routes.
7. Employees must be put in place to stop operations during emergencies that directly endanger personal safety or to withdraw their rights after taking possible emergency measures.
8. must be in the first time after the danger or the accident happens, take the quarantine and evacuation measures in time, and report to the local government and relevant authorities as soon as possible.
9. Annual emergency input, emergency preparedness, emergency disposal and rescue work shall be reviewed and evaluated.