Relying on the project and actively cultivating excellent talents
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      The competition of enterprises is the competition of talents, which is the fundamental guarantee for the development of enterprises.Zhejiang licheng construction engineering co., LTD., relying on the construction of the project, multi-measures and the acceleration of the use and cultivation of talents, making the project the cradle of talent cultivation.
      The pressure burden, the promotion of youth technical personnel "early" to carry out the girder.Zhejiang cheng need to adapt to the situation development, combining the characteristics of the construction of the company, to give a young technicians have quests, YaDanZi, let them on key projects and key post headlined, bear the burden.
      Take the "teacher lead person, the belt", promote the talented person to grow rapidly in the practice."Transmission belt" is a good tradition of enterprise building talent highland, but it has some arbitrariness in terms of explicit teaching and learning content and time limit.Adviser to head person related to this, the project department according to company regulation, through adviser to head person agreement, the provisions of the teacher and pupil's responsibilities and obligations, and the examination measures and disciplinary measures, make the talents' growth has quickened significantly.
      Intensive on-site training will enable the young technicians to "speed up" the girder.In order to let the young technical staff as soon as possible into the role, function, increase the intensity of field training, become "mature mount guard" for the hills "mature", really make the project a crash course.At the same time, it is necessary to cultivate talents as a hard target, and require each team to develop 3-5 technical and management professionals who can stand on their own side during the project construction cycle.Through on-the-spot training and practice, we have cultivated a group of outstanding youth business backbone.
Through "YaDanZi", "teacher DaiTu, mentoring", "strengthen the training education", the enterprise creates "advocating knowledge, for ability and display as a" thick atmosphere, inspire the young people of creative spirit and creative ability, have a large number of young people exercise become a connoisseur of the work and business backbone, nearly more than 10 young people took to the project leader, make their age structure, knowledge organization, professional structure was improved.