We will strengthen the construction of a multi-level talent team
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      On May 20, 2013, the company chairman and general manager li Yang at company headquarters company senior management meeting, the meeting pointed out that in recent years, the company concept of continuous innovation, strengthen management, optimize the environment, business development at the same time, various talents needs of multi-level, the human resources department to do the following work:
      1. Optimize the environment for talent cultivation.To formulate and implement related supporting measures such as personnel introduction, multi-level talent team construction, talent post allowance and training fund.Each door industry talent research activities, and gradually establish a "grass-roots employee talent", "college life", "professional and technical personnel", "skills", "high-level personnel" talent database, implement talent information dynamic update, with good people, cherish talents.
      2. Complementing the shortage of short talents.Relying on the cooperation platform of relevant institutions, we should adhere to flexible guiding, and actively attract talents from the central and western regions such as sichuan and wuhan.We will carry out free training courses for the five major staff, registered builders and special skills.
      3. Cultivate special talents of the company.We will increase theoretical training, on-site operation, interview defense and other quantitative tests, and conduct personnel exchanges with large state-owned companies such as gezhouba to strengthen the company's talent pool.