Implementation opinions of the 138 talent project (2011-2020) in lishui city (excerpt)
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      To further strengthen talent city construction, promoting city 138 talents project, to speed up to create a group of able to lead and support the city's economic and social development of young academic technology leaders, according to the medium and long-term talent development plan outline of lishui city (2011-2020) ", "lishui city several opinions to strengthen the construction of high-level talent team and the 151 talents project of zhejiang province (2011-2020) implementation opinion" spirit, is now carrying out city 138 talents project (2011-2020) put forward the following opinions:
1. Guiding ideas
      Uphold deng xiaoping theory and "three represents" the important thoughts as the instruction, implements and realizes the scientific outlook on development, adhere to the people-oriented, talent first, further strengthening the construction of talent strong city, closely around the city construction of ecological civilization and a well-off society in an all-round strategic target, to enhance the independent innovation ability and cultivate the innovative spirit as the core, in accordance with the "key, rolling train, track management, encourage competition" requirements, the innovation system mechanism, perfect the training measures, increasing investment, efforts to create good atmosphere conducive to the healthy growth of talents to stand out, and speed up the training a batch of having both ability and political integrity, outstanding leading role, technical innovation strong academic leader, spanning development of economy and society for the city to provide guidance and support personnel.
2. Cultivate goals
      By 2020, the technical training about 1200 academic leader and a backup, among them: about 100 in both academic and technology has a certain visibility, can enter the province 151 talents project training sequence is the first level of senior experts;About 300 senior professional technicians who can represent the academic advantages and academic technical level of our city.About 800 people have played a key role in the field of professional disciplines, and have the potential for the third level of outstanding academic leaders.
      In-depth implementation of the key scheme, by 2020, the first level of ability performance is particularly outstanding training personnel cultivating, strive to cultivate a group of able to enter the province 151 talents project training sequence of leading talents.At the same time, the second level training personnel who have the prospect of training will be funded, which will enable them to become young academic leaders in our city at an early date.
      "Party management personnel, department cooperation, unit of choose and employ persons for the main body" academic technical leader cultivation pattern is more perfect;The demand of economic and social development as the guide, quality improvement and innovation ability construction as the core, to a city 138 talents project, hierarchical and multi-channel high-level talents training system more perfect;Academic technical leaders are more prominent in guiding economic and social development and the construction of high-level personnel.
3. Selection method
(1) selection scope and object
      To acquire innovative theoretical achievements in the field of natural science, or to acquire important scientific and technological innovation and transformation of achievements in the field of engineering technology;Have strategic thinking, good at management and market operation ability;Get important in the field of humanities and social science research, enrich and improve the discipline theory and achieved remarkable economic and social benefits of experts and scholars, and other economic and social development in our city, the major achievements in scientific and technological progress and social development, in their areas of academic, technical has the development potential of young talents.
(2) selection criteria
      City 138 engineering training personnel must love the motherland, support the leadership of the communist party of China, law-abiding, adhere to scientific and professional ethics, rigorous doing scholarly research attitude, strong career-ambition and pioneering and innovative spirit.
      The first level of training personnel must also meet the following selection criteria:
      1. Solid professional knowledge, the academic field of vision is broad, can track the frontier of academic disciplines and have strong organization and coordination ability, strong team core leading role, academic and technical level is in the leading level counterparts, both inside and outside the city, and the training is expected to enter the province 151 talents project training sequence;
      2. Included in the city 138 talents project at the second level after training personnel, as members of the main undertaken above city-level key projects, fund, has won the municipal science and technology more than reward or other influential society awards, in the domestic and foreign first-class high level academic publications published papers or works which are of important academic value of technology, has achieved significant economic and social benefits of scientific research;
      3. Under the age of 45, it is generally necessary to have a master's degree or higher professional technical qualification and be in good health.
      The first level training personnel have the following conditions in the training period, which are included in the key funding objects:
      1, profound professional knowledge, strong innovation ability, the frontier in this specialized subject of innovative achievements, with teams in both their peers have certain development advantages, and included in the national tens of millions of talents project or province 151 talents project funding, first, the second level training sequence.
      2. To be included in the city 138 talents project, after the first level training personnel in the relationship between economic and social development have made outstanding contributions in the field of key academic technology, as members of the main above the provincial level key research, funds, a major scientific and technological achievements in the project.
      3. The process will be ongoing or has already entered and is expected to obtain important achievements or breakthrough, and can have great influence on both the provincial major scientific research, funds and projects more than the actual main person in charge.
      The second level training personnel shall also meet the following conditions:
      1. Has the strong innovation ability and the team cooperation spirit, can pay close attention to the development trends of academic disciplines, academic and technical level recognised by peer out of the city, full of development potential, the training sequence is expected to enter the first level of training personnel;
      2. As members of the main undertaken at or above the county level, fund key projects, won the science and technology awards at or above the county level or other influential society awards, has published a number of high-level papers, an important scientific research achievements;
      3. Under the age of 40 (outstanding performance can be relaxed to under 43 years old), generally should have bachelor's degree or higher professional technical qualification, physical health.
      Third level training personnel by various counties (city, area), straight departments according to their political integrity and professional performance to make conditions, organization, as a backup to city 138 talents project office for the record.
(3) selection procedures
      City 138 talents project training personnel selection once every two years, each time the selection first, second level training personnel a total of 80, the first level of training personnel 20 or so, the second level training personnel 60 or so.Selection under the leadership of the communist party personnel work leading group, by city 138 talents project office (located in the city human resources and social security bureau professional and technical personnel management office) to be responsible for, and in accordance with the following procedures:
      1. According to the city's economic and social development, industry leading talent of discipline, by city 138 talents project office discipline category selection in planning, industry, and combined with various counties (city, area), various departments, on the construction of high-level talent team in accordance with the selection of the number of the ratio of 1:2, the local governments or departments recommend target points.
      2. Various counties (city, area) of human social security and straight the recommended indexes, according to the order issued by the competent department in accordance with the "openness, equality, competition and merit" principle, the organization recommended work, after peer expert appraisal, the city of 138 talents project office.
      3. City 138 talents project office under the state council in conjunction with the relevant departments of local, each unit shall submit recommendations to carry out the qualification, and according to the recommendations of professional disciplines, peer expert with classification review, suggest candidate list submitted to the municipal party committee to the examination and approval of personnel work leading group.
      4. The examination and approval of the municipal committee of the talent work leading group of training personnel, 7 days of the public to the society, the public has no objection or the check does not affect the review results, announced by the municipal committee of the talent work leading group issued a.
Meet the requirements for the age of national, provincial talent project selected personnel, and based on priority discipline, above city-level key laboratory, post-doctoral scientific research workstation, academician workstation, city-level key innovation team, such as platform construction or major projects (above city-level), to plan the introduction of high-level personnel, through expert review, listed in the first level training, not the indicators, and enjoy the corresponding research funding.
4. Cultivation measures
      (1) increase funding and improve the investment system for training funds.Be included in the city 138 talents project first and second level training personnel, in accordance with the "lishui city several opinions to strengthen the construction of high-level talent team (li committee [2011] no. 8), enjoy talent reward, and can be applied for the corresponding project grants.The special incentive funds for talents will be paid 50% of the time when they are selected and when the training period is qualified.When the project funding is being tracked, it will be fulfilled according to the assessment result of the training personnel.We will further improve the government's input into a leading role, the employer's input into the main body, multi-channel and diversified funding system, and train personnel
      The region and unit should raise funds actively, increase the input of personnel training, and provide the matching funds for projects with no less than 1:1.
      (2) combine cultivation and use to improve the innovation ability of cultivating objects.We should give full play to the important role of large enterprises in large projects in the development of large projects in our city, and cultivate and use talents in the practice of innovation.Encourage and support the training personnel undertaking key disciplines and key laboratory, high and new technology research and development center and enterprise technology center, the platform construction of academic research, to train the innovative team of researchers led by priority listed in the municipal key innovation team.Municipal science plan, project construction, technology innovation, and natural science fund and so on to cultivate personnel focus tilt, give priority to cultivate personnel to declare "863", "973" projects and support key projects of science and technology, outstanding youth fund project funding (above city-level).Support training personnel to participate in the decision-making and demonstration of major policies, the formulation of regional industry and subject planning, and give full play to the role of think tanks.The employer should fully trust the training personnel, let go of the use, put them in the important academic technical post to exercise, and provide a broad stage for the development of personnel.
      (3) strengthening academic and technical exchanges.The city will not regularly hold 138 senior talent workshops, academic technology BBS, etc., and organize academic and technical exchange activities.In time, the training personnel will participate in the medium and long term training of universities and research institutes at home and abroad, and expand the academic horizon of training personnel.The association should rely on various academic association groups, actively organize training personnel to carry out academic and technical exchange activities, and strengthen the lateral connection between training personnel.Various counties (city, area), straight departments should actively create conditions, to cultivate personnel with a variety of training, training opportunities, both at home and abroad support training personnel in transverse and interdisciplinary, cross-industry exchange project cooperation.
      (4) create a favorable environment for the growth of talents.Unit of choose and employ persons to work provide a good environment for training personnel to carry out innovation, training personnel as the core of the academic research team, in the research, experiment equipment, the key guarantee for the aspects such as workplace, and give training personnel sufficient autonomy in scientific research.In time to understand the practical difficulties of training personnel in the work life, to solve their worries.The city will organize a number of training personnel to go to the field for recuperation each year.
      (5) improve the incentive mechanism for talent.To cultivate personnel who have made outstanding contributions in various fields of economic and social development, to give recognition and reward in time.For the training personnel who meet the relevant conditions, it is preferred that the declaration province has the outstanding contribution of the young experts and the special allowance experts of the state council.The scientific and technological rewards program at all levels shall be given priority to the scientific achievements made by the training personnel.Unit of choose and employ persons to establish and improve the ability and performance as the core, knowledge, technology, management, and other production factors participate in income distribution mechanism, further improve the treatment of training personnel, give full play to their enthusiasm and creativity.
      (6) strengthen the ideological and political and professional ethics education.Through holding political theory workshops, seminars and other forms, organize training personnel study party's course, the latest theoretical achievements and major policy decisions, enhance self-consciousness and firmness in socialist modernization construction.To strengthen professional ethics education, guide the training personnel to set up the correct world outlook, the outlook on life and values, strive to become industry field of dedication to this discipline model, model of independent innovation and the development model of entrepreneurship.