Training management for employees three major promotion
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In this paper, we will share with you the three major improvements of training management for employees:
      (1) improve theoretical quality
      The most successful organizations in the 21st century are learning organizations, and the most successful people are the most learned.In the face of post-financial crisis, the most effective way to keep abreast of the development of The Times is to encourage employees to continue to learn and to strengthen targeted staff training.
      It is acknowledged by the business community that the learning ability of employees is regarded as the first ability!Only the comprehensive quality of the staff has been improved, and the establishment of the learning organization is the water of the source and the wood of the tree.
      Practice has proved that the modern enterprise management system of innovative practice is employee training courses and training system of innovation practice, it is also the only way for enterprise to speed up the learning organization and key measures.The staff training course design must adhere to the principle of people-oriented, and the training process itself is the process of stimulating the vitality and vitality of the staff.
      (2) improve the quality of business
      There is no denying the fact that modern staff training is more for business in the field of training, although such training with utilitarian color slightly, but the training as a key link in the process of human resource management, and enterprise development planning, compensation performance appraisal and so on is the development of integration, thus strengthen the business training should also be encouraged.
      For new recruits, job training is a bridge and link to adapt to new jobs, new environments, and new life.
      In the training course, factors such as the company's development profile, business development area, market development goals and job responsibilities requirements have always been regarded as an important goal of new staff training.
      Only by laying a solid foundation in pre-job training, new employees can become skilled employees in the shortest time and better adapt to the job requirements.
      (3) improve the quality of behavior
      Employee training is a complex, systematic and long-term project.Staff training is in the process of immobility, improve staff's quality, standardize staff's behaviors and behaviors, and mobilize employees' enthusiasm, flexibility and initiative.
      Good training is beneficial to strengthen the tacit understanding between the enterprise and the staff, conducive to the decision-making, management and executive level between smooth, is advantageous to the communication between employees and employees, and comprehensively improve enterprise cohesion and combat effectiveness.
      As can be seen in the enterprise development plan at the beginning of each year, the top 500 companies in the world have made employee training as an important work plan, and the decision-making level meeting discussed the research.The diversity of employee behavior determines the infinite nature of employees' wisdom and actively absorbs employees' participation in the construction of company system and scientific management.
      For example, in terms of institutional construction and training programs, we should respect employees' opinions as much as possible, let employees decide on the training content themselves, so that every training content can be welcomed by employees.