Is it difficult to hire?
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      Since the implementation of the labor contract law, employees' awareness of human rights has been increasing and the phenomenon of "over-protection" has increased.Employees use the labor contract law as a "sword in the hand," and they will be in court with their employers.The personage inside course of study points out: "when an enterprise is to meet a labor dispute case dispute, in addition to large enterprises are willing to hire a professional lawyer, most of the small and medium-sized enterprises to choose silence, which on the one hand, with the current" hire difficult "phenomenon, on the other hand also is closely related to enterprise HR lack of legal knowledge.In order to avoid the negative effects, enterprises have chosen to avoid the negative effects, and to some extent, it has exacerbated the occurrence of employees' excessive rights protection, which has restricted the development of the enterprise itself.
      At present, many enterprises, especially small and medium-sized enterprises have recognized labor legal risk prevention and control of importance, but because of the constraints, hire a professional legal experts, corporate consultant is not realistic for most small and medium-sized enterprises, in view of this situation, some enterprises have tried to other more practical methods of prevention and control."In order to effectively resolve disputes over labor disputes, the company has introduced the first domestic HR management system platform, e-lawyer," said HR manager of a medium-sized manufacturing company in shenyang.
      "We have tried to use well-known HR software before, but it is a system for human resource professionals. The law is still a blank.Now, to all the staff of the labor contract making, small to work in an hour time to cope with the standard of compensation, we are in, the working process of a hires to all involved in the details of the labor law, leaving the company have a right-hand man, many previous cannot solve the problem is solved."The person said the company has since applied the e-lawyer software platform, and the entire human resource management system has been further improved.
      According to the product developer divide the huaxia foreign related expert introduction, E - lawyer for enterprise human resources management in the legal category of professional products, labor law and labor risk control platform, by professional software (labor law assistant) and online experts, attorney platform (online) xanadu labor of two parts, can effectively regulate labor management process, labor law to prevent risks, precipitation and solve labor legal part of the human resources management, so as to improve enterprise core competitive ability.E-lawyer opens up new ways to control the risk of labor law, and it is possible for small and medium-sized enterprises to avoid the increase of the risk level of labor law.