Chairman's speech in 2016
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Ladies and gentlemen,
      Good afternoon!
      I am very happy to be with you in this group, festival and happy occasion to celebrate the Spring Festival.Time flies, we have quietly said goodbye to the success of 2015, ushered in the hopeful 2016.The past year has been one of the most encouraging and exciting years for the company's history. It has also been a year for all of us to make history and write history.Under the joint efforts of all my colleagues, if the company in the company's restructuring, qualification management, team building and so on a series of exciting performance, all the results obtained are condensed with everybody in this room staff's effort and sweat, is all the staff work together, the results of the selfless dedication, solidarity.I want to thank all of you for your hard work and effort. Thank you for your support.
      In 2015 achievement has become history, looking ahead to 2016, around the success of corporate restructuring, zhejiang domain market development, the outside market and international market development, etc, our task is more difficult, but at the same time, our team will be stronger, our strength will be stronger in the future.We hope that all the colleagues of the company will be able to unburden the achievements and pressures of history, join hands in the New Year and make a new history.Strategic decision direction, detail decides success or failure, we will continue to 2016 through various departments to work together, to complete 2015 has not been finally completed the restructuring of the great cause, steadily to achieve our goals.
      After the company has completed the reorganization in 2016, it is necessary to develop steadily and need each of us to be diligent and enterprising every year.For each employee, I mainly focus on three aspects. I hope that you can gather strength and try your best to build our brilliant future.
      First, co-development, win-win cooperation.For us, the real win is win-win, which includes three meanings:
      1. The win-win situation between the future new partner of the company and the future of gezhouba is to realize the company's strength by utilizing the market brand value of gezhouba.On the one hand, we should improve the resources integration ability of the company, improve the internal management and improve the project management and management ability.On the other hand, we should strive to expand the market and strive to complete the market signing commitment and revenue promise of our new partner, gezhouba.
      2. The win-win situation of the company and its employees, and the development of the company through the establishment of an effective talent training system.Through the efforts of each employee, the strength of the team can be gathered to ensure the smooth development of daily work, so as to promote the development of new company in the future.At the same time, the company will focus on construction of enterprise culture in 2016, the idea of gezhouba, combined with a profit if the company's development strategy, to really implement corporate philosophy to the enterprise operation and management.
      3. The win-win situation of the company and society, by taking part in the social public welfare enterprise, providing more job opportunities, establishing a good social image of the new company, and contributing to the development of the society.
      Second, work together for win-win results.
      In an age of advance, there is always an upward spirit;A development of the enterprise, there is always a kind of positive, will benefit if the company in 2016 to build a professional team, cohesive, dares to innovate, emphatically cultivate team spirit, increase the degree of unity.In modern social division of labor is more and more fine, even the most complex talent also can't do all things a person, also can't change the whole team's performance, a professional team won't be one or two employees will be able to turn things around.Only set up the general situation consciousness, the association do spirit and service spirit, on the premise of respect for personal interests and achievements, and work together, through the appropriate organization form will arrange to suitable jobs, everyone give full play to the potential of the collective, to form a powerful force, promote efficiency, produce strong driving force to overcome all difficulties."We need the right place and the right place to do it, and we need people and people." it's only when we get along well with our colleagues that we are more comfortable in our work and will be more meaningful each day."When work is a pleasure, life is joy;When work is a duty, life is a hard labor, and if there is a good relationship among colleagues, it will be good for everyone's work and life.
      The third, To be a man is to be a man.
      We often say that "to be a man" is to make a career, first to have good character.Indeed, learning to be a man is the way to become a man. Personality is the key to a man's life. If one wants to succeed, the first question is to learn to be a man."To be kind to others is to be kind to ourselves", to know how to respect others, to understand mutual understanding and mutual understanding, to love the collective, and to work hard.Every individual lives in the real society, longing for the success, and many aspiring people realize the dream of heart, pay a lot, but get less, this is undoubtedly to we put forward a higher request.Behind every successful person has a responsibility, the responsibility can make the person strong, the responsibility can inspire potential, to a certain extent, carrying the responsibility ability, a man full of sense of responsibility, have a chance to fully demonstrate their abilities, to strive for more opportunities to better on the road to success.In this world, there are many talented people, but not many talented and responsible people, only colleagues have the responsibility and talents to better be based in the society.In 2016, I expect the company to be proud of you!
      "Win-win cooperation, a better future together".I believe, have you, the employee's confidence and hard work, with the help of unity in team spirit, continuous innovation, will be open and honest company new development, make the company achieve a more brilliant performance, believe that we are here, can also gain more success and happiness!
      At the end of the Spring Festival, I also represent the company to all employees in the early years. I wish you all the best in the New Year!The body!Family happiness!Thank you.