Inspirational story 2
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      A farmer, after only two years in junior high school, had no money to go to school.He dropped out of school to help his father farm three mu of land.When he was 19, his father died, and the burden of his family was on his shoulders.He had to take care of his poor mother and a grandmother who was paralyzed in bed.In the 1980s, farmland was contracted to households.He dug a pond into a pond to raise fish.But the village officials told him that the paddy fields were not able to raise fish, and that he could only plant crops, and he had to fill the pond.It was a joke, and in the eyes of others, he was a man who wanted to be rich but had a very stupid man.
      I heard that chickens can make money. He borrowed 500 yuan from relatives and raised chickens.But after a flood, the chicken got a chicken pox and all died in a few days.500 yuan may not be a big deal for others, but for a family living on three mu of land, it is astronomical.His mother could not stand the excitement and died of melancholy.
      He later made wine, caught fish, and even made holes in the cliffs of rocks...But they didn't make any money.
      At the age of 35, he had not married his wife.Even the divorced, childless woman could not see him.Because he had only one hut, it was possible to collapse after a heavy rain.The man who can't marry his wife is not worthy of being in the countryside.
      But he also wanted to go around and borrow money to buy a hand tractor.Unexpectedly, less than half a month on the road, the tractor carried him into a river.He broke his leg and became lame.The tractor, which was fished and broken, could only open it and sell it as scrap iron.Almost everyone says he's finished his life.
      But then he became the boss of a company in my city, with 200 million dollars in assets.Many people now know about his bitter past and legendary entrepreneurial experiences.Many media interviewed him, and many reportage literature described him.But I can only remember such a plot.The reporter asked him, "in the days of suffering, what do you do without flinching again and again"?He sat behind the big, luxurious boss's desk and drank a glass of water.Then he held the glass in his hand and asked the reporter, "what if I let go of this cup?"The reporter says: "fall to the ground, broken"."Let's give it a try."He said.
      His hand was loose, and the cup fell to the ground with a crisp sound, but not broken, but intact."Even if there are 10 people present, they will think that this cup will break," he said.However, this cup is not a regular glass, but made of fiberglass.
      So I memorized the classic dialogue.Such a man, even if he has only one breath, will try to hold the hand of success, unless he is deprived of his life...