Employees' paid annual leave ordinance
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Employees' paid annual leave ordinance
      Article 1 these regulations are formulated in accordance with labor law and civil servant law in order to maintain the right to rest and leave, and to mobilize the enthusiasm of the staff and workers.
      Article 2 state organs, public organizations, enterprises, institutions, private non-enterprise units, have hired worker individual and industrial and commercial door and other units of staff more than one year of continuous service, paid annual leave (hereinafter referred to as "annual leave").The unit shall ensure that employees enjoy annual leave.The worker enjoys the same wage income as during the normal working period during the annual leave.
      Article 3 the accumulated work of a worker has been under 10 years of a year, and the annual leave is 5 days;10 days of annual leave after less than 10 years;It has been 20 years and 15 days off.
      National holidays, rest days are not included in annual leave.
      Article 4 the employee shall not enjoy the annual leave of the year:
      (1) workers enjoying the winter and summer holidays according to law, with more days off than the number of days off;
      (2) if the employee has requested leave for more than 20 days, the unit shall not deduct the salary according to the regulations;
      (3) employees who have been working for a total of 1 year for less than 10 years, who have been in sick leave for more than 2 months;
      (4) workers who have been working for a total of 10 years and less than 20 years, who have been in sick leave for more than three months;
      (5) workers who have been working for more than 20 years, who have been in sick leave for more than four months.
      Article 5 the unit shall, in accordance with the specific conditions of production and work, consider the employee's own will and arrange the employee's annual leave as a whole.
      Annual leave can be arranged in a single year, and can be arranged in sections.Unit because production, work characteristic does need to arrange worker annual leave of year, can span 1 year arrangement.
      The unit is sure because work needs cannot arrange worker to take annual leave, the worker oneself agrees, can not arrange worker to take a year off.The unit should pay the annual leave salary of 300% of the daily wage of the employee.
      Article 6 the personnel departments of the local people's governments at or above the county level and the labor security departments shall, on the basis of their functions and powers, carry out the supervision and inspection in accordance with the conditions of the implementation of these regulations.
      The trade union organization shall maintain the annual leave rights for employees.
      Article 7 units do not arrange worker Hugh annual leave and not give annual leave pay pay, from the regulations by the local people's governments at or above the county level personnel department or the department of labor security according to the authority to order deadline to correct,For those who fail to make corrections within the time limit, the unit shall pay compensation to the staff and workers in accordance with the amount of annual leave salary, in addition to the remuneration paid to the unit for annual leave.To refuse to pay annual leave pay pay, compensation, belong to civil servants and reference to public law clerk management personnel work unit, the person in charge directly responsible and other directly responsible personnel given sanctions in accordance with the law;If belonging to other units, the labor security department, personnel department or staff shall apply to the people's court to enforce the enforcement.
      Article 8 the disputes arising from the annual leave of employees and units shall be dealt with in accordance with the provisions of relevant laws and administrative regulations of the state.
      Article 9 the personnel department of the state council and the Labour security department under the state council shall, in accordance with their functions and powers, formulate measures for the implementation of these regulations.
      Article 10 these regulations shall enter into force as of January 1, 2008.
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