The ministry of housing and urban-rural development will give notice to simplify some indicators of the qualification standards of construction enterprises
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      The ministry of construction, construction and construction of xinjiang production and construction corps, construction bureau of xinjiang production and construction corps, department of construction of relevant departments of the state council, and relevant enterprises of central management:
      In order to further promote the reform of streamlining administration, delegating power, streamlining and optimizing services, we have decided to simplify some of the indicators in the construction enterprise qualification standard (no.159, 2014).The relevant matters are hereby notified as follows:
      1. In addition to the minimum qualifications of all types of qualifications, it will cancel the assessment of the on-site management personnel and technical workers who hold the certificate of the registered builder and the intermediate level or above.
      2. Cancels the index assessment of the registered constructor in the third grade qualification standard for the general contracting of communication engineering construction.
      3. Adjust the construction area assessment indicators of the general contracting level and the following qualifications of the construction project. Please refer to the attachment for details.
      4. to the application for construction, municipal utilities engineering construction general contracting, the qualifications of enterprises, not to enter the national construction market supervision and information release platform integrity of the enterprise performance, not as an effective performance.Housing department in charge of urban and rural construction at the provincial level to strengthen the region database construction of the project, the perfect data collection method, to make real and effective business performance in a timely manner to enter the national construction market regulation and credit information publishing platform.
      Housing department in charge of urban and rural construction at all levels should further strengthen the regulation of things after the event, strengthen the construction site supervision and examination of the main management personnel on-the-job rite, the key to the project manager is a registered construction engineer certificate post and on-the-job practice since the behavior of the supervision and inspection.For enterprises that have illegal behaviors, they shall pay fines, suspend business operations, reduce the grade of qualification, and revoke the qualification certificates and other administrative penalties.For registered builders who have violated the laws and regulations, they shall be fined, suspended from practising, and revoked of the registered practice qualification certificates.In order to keep the enterprise and individual bad behaviors in credit files and to publish to the society, the construction market order should be effectively standardized to ensure the quality and safety of the project.
      This notice shall be implemented from November 1, 2016.
      Annex: the revised content of the area index of the construction project under the general contracting level and the following qualifications
Ministry of housing and urban-rural development of the People's Republic of China
October 14, 2016