The enterprise talent raises the question that should pay attention to
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      The current development of enterprises is fast and the competition between each other is very strong.And the competition between enterprises is mainly about talent competition.So the enterprise training talent is the main job at present.So what are some of the issues we need to pay attention to in terms of job training?So let's talk a little bit about that.
      Firstly, the purpose of talent training should be defined
      For the cultivation of talents, first of all, it needs a clear purpose.This purpose is mainly based on enterprise development planning.Once the purpose is clear, we should look for employees who need to be trained. Only appropriate training for the right employees can ensure the success of the training.However, many enterprises still make some mistakes in the selection of talents.
      Secondly, establish a perfect training system for enterprises
      In addition to trainees, the first thing that needs to be emphasized is the construction of training system.Generally speaking, large enterprises have a relatively complete training system, and the training of these enterprises is relatively successful.In view of the current domestic condition, most of enterprises for talent cultivation value and understanding of the training system and importance is not enough, so the domestic many enterprises should pay attention to these questions and try to avoid.There are a few of these problems: 1. The cultivation of talents is only considered when the enterprise is in urgent need of talents.2. Focusing only on the cultivation of unilateral talents and lack of big ideas;3. Prefer some unconventional training measures;4. Enterprise training will not be paid attention to by business leaders.The above reasons directly affect the current situation of enterprise training in China.
      Third, focus on building up knowledge architecture
      For enterprise personnel training, after ensuring the establishment of the architecture system, there will be no major problems.Many companies now rely on a single training manager.This leads to a change in the training manager, and the related work of enterprise training will not work again.So we need to build a good knowledge management system.Knowledge management is a way to realize knowledge sharing in all aspects of enterprises, which is the collective intelligence of enterprises and the ability of strain.
      Finally, it is suggested that the enterprise managers should pay enough attention to the long-term.