Our staff member attends the five staff to continue education training
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      About ready to zhejiang provincial department of construction of five official notice of the training and continuing education, to improve the building five official personnel's professional quality, enhance the practical ability, I study company, organize related construction personnel training.With the rapid development of China's construction market and the continuous improvement of the management system of construction enterprises, the quality and level of management personnel directly affect the survival and development of enterprises.The five major majors we talked about include: construction workers, safety officers, material inspectors, quality inspectors, and information personnel. All of them are called zhejiang provincial construction professional management post qualification certificate.
      The main work contents and responsibilities of the large staff are as follows: quality inspector: mainly responsible for the supervision and inspection of engineering quality;The builder:
      Mainly responsible for leading the working group photo construction;Reference: mainly responsible for engineering construction management and file management;Material staff: mainly responsible for the supply and management of materials;Safety officer: mainly responsible for the construction site specific safety management work.
      All the colleagues in licheng of zhejiang express their willingness to continue to create their own value and contribute to the construction system of Chinese enterprises.