Congratulations to our company on the second batch of safety production management of water conservancy construction enterprises in 2013
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      In 2013, the second batch of safety production and management of safety production of water conservancy construction enterprises in the province has ended.For the implementation according to the ministry of water resources, water conservancy and hydropower engineering construction enterprises the main director, project director and full-time safety management personnel assessment and administration of production safety regulations (water safety [2011] no. 374) and other documents spirit, meet the needs of the current large-scale water conservancy project construction, to meet the water resources and hydropower construction enterprises to participate in both the requirement of engineering bidding, company staff economists equal five central management of construction enterprises all three categories of personnel have been work safety inspection certificate of quality
      This assessment is for the safety production and management of the construction enterprises of water conservancy and hydropower project (the main principals, project leaders and full-time safety production managers).I will learn advanced, more standardized, to further improve the overall level of construction safety production, civilized construction, in order to promote the healthy development of the city's construction to make a contribution.