Lishui ruixin pawn Co. Ltd.
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      Lishui xin rui pawn Co., Ltd. was established in 2009, the registered capital of 10 million yuan, is invested by zhejiang, cheng tunnel engineering co., LTD., approved by the state ministry of commerce in accordance with the established integrated pawn companies.Business scope of the company: chattel pledge business;Property rights pledge pawnbrokers business;Real estate mortgage pawn business;Limit the sale of items within the limit;Appraisal and advisory services;Other pawn business approved by the ministry of commerce according to law.
      Rui xin pawn companies since its inception, to provide quality service for the customer, and for the sake of customers, to create a good economic and social benefits, lishui, rui xin pawn companies has become influential small and medium-sized enterprise financing institutions and individuals, has a good reputation in the industry.
      We will sincerely provide you and your business with green financing channels to provide you with loyal, high-quality, fast and thoughtful services.