Brief introduction of lishui modern plaza hotel Co. Ltd.
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      Modern plaza hotel is located in zhejiang province liandu of lishui city ocean road 598, is located in the commercial and cultural center of lishui city, overlooking xiushui winding oujiang, adjacent to the national 4 a level scenic area, baiyun mountain forest park.The location of the hotel is superior, from the east of the car, the west railway station, the railway station 5-10 minutes by car, the ancient weir painting town, east-west scenic spot, nanming mountain and other places of interest close at hand.The environment is elegant, convenient transportation, has been in operation for more than ten years, has been with good reputation and excellent business service, has obtained the high recognition from all walks of life.
      In order to further manage the upgrade and update the hotel's hardware facilities, in May 2013, the hotel as a whole has been redecorated, and the construction of the simple European style is elegant and elegant, with a high degree of air quality and full of modern feelings.
      Hotel construction area of 17000 square meters, a total of nine layer, with all kinds of room 108 rooms (sets), including deluxe suites, chess room and administrative single room, deluxe single room, deluxe single room, superior twin room.Chinese restaurant, banquet hall total 500 food, luxurious box 5;There are 3 meeting rooms of different sizes in the hotel conference center;The hotel has a complete set of comprehensive facilities, shopping and entertainment, which is an ideal place for lodging, catering, entertainment and business negotiation.
      Hotel with "guests first, service first" for business purposes, to provide you with the most perfect, the most perfect service, always as one of the important goals of the hotel, and constantly strive for excellence, high quality close service, let you enjoy the bush.