Brief introduction of Pakistan licheng international Co. Ltd.
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      PAKISTAN LI CHENG (PVT.) LTD. is a Sino-foreign joint venture company which is registered in Islamabad, Pakistan and with shares held by Zhejiang Licheng Construction Engineering Co., Ltd. It is a comprehensive enterprise mainly engaged in the fields of imports and exports, overseas Engineering Construction Contracting, financial services, etc. The company’s registered capital is PKR 30 million.
      The business scope are: Exploitation of mineral resources, real estate development, engineering construction; international trade including all the industrial products, agricultural products, mechanical equipments, automobiles and accessories, foods, daily necessities, etc.; to provide consultancy services in the fields of construction, design, electronic information, etc.; to register and sell any patents for any trademarks and inventions; to provide Internet and electronic information services, data communication services, web page & server services, advertisement services, personnel training, intermediary services and such allied services; engaged in all kinds of financial services and movable or immovable investment; agent services for authorization, consultants advisors, market surveys, etc.
      Over these years, through the competition and cooperation with other companies in domestic and overseas market, by adjusting business strategy, integrating valuable resources and in full operation of development strategy, we have already got highly development in the fields of construction engineering, international trade, telecommunications, financial investment and consultancy services in Pakistan. By providing high quality services, through the sincere cooperation with domestic and foreign enterprises, with the rapid development of international trade, foreign project contracting and other business, the scale of PAKISTAN LI CHENG (PVT.) LTD. has became broader.
      We are always holding the principle of “Honesty”, and customer satisfaction is our final goal, maintaining the common interests between you and me is our responsibility. Let’s hand in hand, and create the glorious future together!