Brief introduction of zhejiang licheng construction engineering Co. Ltd.
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      Zhejiang the honesty construction engineering Co., Ltd., after the rapid development in recent years, has grown to become dominated by industrial investment, collection of highway engineering, municipal utilities, water conservancy and hydropower, housing construction project construction general contracting and tunnel engineering, t engineering, decoration engineering, steel structure engineering, city road lighting, the sports facility engineering construction contracting as a whole, has six points, subsidiary of comprehensive enterprise, enterprise annual construction capacity of 1 billion yuan of above.
      The registered capital of the enterprise is 286 million yuan, with total assets of 800 million yuan.Have a high quality management team, among which the highway engineering, municipal public utilities, water conservancy, water, water, water, water, water, water, water, water, water, water, water, water, water, water, water, water, water, buildings, etc.It has more than 250 titles, including more than 60 senior technical staff.
      The company always adheres to the market as the guiding principle, to "build a project, the tree a monument" as the fundamental principle of the survival and development of the enterprise, gradually established a good reputation in the market.With intermediate TieWuJu in construction group, China gezhouba group, group, China railway SuiDaoJu group, China's transportation construction Co., Ltd., and other large state-owned enterprises in engineering construction and investment diversification, multi-angle cooperation, the company's business all over at home and abroad, domestic zhejiang, fujian, hunan, hubei, jiangxi and other places, foreign places such as Pakistan and the united Arab emirates are good sincere person's footprint.
      Nearly two years of representative projects have bid lishui south BT Ⅲ project, Pakistan's groom JieLu hydropower project.Lishui south eastern expansion phase ii bid block BT Ⅲ project, construction land area of 3.55 square kilometers, primary and secondary path length 7.1 km, grading conditions total excavation volume of 17.9 million cubic meters.The project contract cost 380 million yuan.It was officially accepted and delivered in February 2015.The nulum julum hydropower project in Pakistan, located in the Pakistani state of jammu and Kashmir, is typical of the long tunnel diversion hydropower station.To build the project in the groom river dam and the water inlet, a 28.6 km long axis of the diversion tunnel excavation introducing the underground power plant, using which the river natural divide power generation, power station tail water again after the tailrace tunnel into the groom river.The power station has four installed units, generating a total capacity of 969 mw.Our company mainly contracted the main plant and the tailwater tunnel project, and by the end of 2014, the construction output value was 262 million yuan.
      Company in recent years from the administrative management, financial management, project management, investment and financing management, and other aspects, formulate a set of perfect and standard system, and in 2011 passed the ISO9001, ISO14001, OHSAS18001 management system certification, the company's management level to a new height.
      Because the company has developed rapidly, the performance is outstanding, social awareness and rising in influence, in 2012, 2013, the company has been lishui city construction bureau rated as excellent construction enterprise and construction of lishui city credit enterprise.
      We firmly believe that, the company of "honest and trustworthy, mutual benefit and win-win" business philosophy and "honesty, efficiency, innovation" the management principle of guidance, constantly develop new project, involved in the field of new journey, will quickly become leading enterprises of lishui building, achieve the goal of zhejiang province well-known construction companies as early as possible.