Brief introduction of zhejiang licheng tunnel engineering Co. Ltd.
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      Zhejiang licheng tunnel engineering Co., Ltd. Is located in the city of lishui, a famous city in zhejiang province, which is reputed as the green valley of zhejiang province.For zhejiang, honesty construction engineering Co., Ltd., a wholly owned subsidiary, has a group of high-quality management team, such as highway engineering, municipal utilities engineering professional one, secondary over 20 national registered construction engineer.The company adheres to the business philosophy of "honesty and trustworthiness and mutual benefit".And "integrity, efficiency, innovation" management policy.
      Company was established in May 2010, since its inception always adhere to market-oriented, to completes the project to create a brand for the enterprise survival and development of the fundamental principle, relying on a good social environment, through the efficient management and standardize the operation of the company.
      Companies adhering to the "integrity, efficiency, innovation" the enterprise idea, with the scientific development concept as the lead, strictly follow the rules of market economy, constantly raise their ability of technology development, market competition ability and the comprehensive management ability, to create high-quality goods, development of enterprises, contributing to society, benefit employees.
      Company and promoting technological progress and management innovation, fully implementing the strategy of "science and technology enterprise", in the field of tunnel construction comprehensive mastery of the new Austrian method, construction technology, and the fault fracture, the weak rock, swelling rock, containing coal strata, loess, the gushing water and mud under complex geological conditions, such as karst tunnel construction has rich experience in construction technology.In water conservancy, road tunnel engineering, municipal engineering and other fields has formed a relatively obvious technological advantage and management advantages, established a set to adapt to the market situation, meet the requirements of the owner's project management mode;Abide by "li, in the thousand and autumn great industry;Honesty, in pragmatic innovation."The principle of business management philosophy and "integrity, efficiency and innovation".
      Since its establishment, the company has mainly built the project of Pakistan's n-j project c-006 (A7 diversion tunnel project), zhuzhou uga 2 tunnel, etc.For refinement process management, high standards of engineering quality, the contract and keep credibility of good style, won the good market reputation, got the general owners and the overall contracting units and related departments.
      Company will according to the overall development of zhejiang the sincere group planning, combined with the social development needs, with modern enterprise management system as an opportunity to continue to seek the sustainable development strategy, taking the path of diversification, get everybody to strive, to work together, have the courage to explore, accept supervision of the user, the social from all walks of life wholeheartedly provide high quality products and good service, and the social from all walks of life to create a better future.